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LU Hong Kong Sichuan — old Xiamen Sichuan – Sohu and Hong Kong fishing Heron feelings is a very good reputation in Xiamen a seafood stall. Now not far from the old Taiwan delicacy Street exit, the addition of a heron in Hong Kong sichuan. Impression, seafood sauce is the practice of water, light is the label of Xiamen seafood. While Lugang in Sichuan Based on Taiwanese seafood, make improvement and innovation, and people are like the combination of Sichuan, Sichuan into seafood + to form, showing a different kind of seafood flavor. At the entrance of the fresh seafood is still eye-catching, people can not help but think of all kinds of delicious dish into. [grass carp] chrysanthemum chrysanthemum other eye-catching, sweet and sour taste sweet and sour taste is very appetizing, crispy, Touzhuo grass carp delicious, especially worth a try. [Duojiaoyutou] the head of Sichuan spicy adjustment is especially suitable for the Taiwanese people taste just perfect. [] Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce turtle are very nutritious ingredients, with Ziyin Liangxue, tonic transfer, kidney tonifying effect, can prevent weak, hepatosplenomegaly, tuberculosis and other diseases. This will Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce glial burn, and very tasty dishes, even inside potatoes have soft rotten tasty. [farm] eel eel very smooth, Xianxiang palatability, and is a great meal. [hand] large ribs ribs crispy and delicious, eat with their hands to open the right way. [] signs similar to the chicken chicken, no chicken so greasy, better flavor sauce. [red] lobster soup? Boston lobster, a large pincers like waving to you ~ shrimp compact Q bomb, a soup with shrimp meat more delicious, light sweet. [] steamed steamed crab crab, the simplest and most delicious. [] the delicious steamed egg clam unspeakable ~ [] seaweed laver cake cake made, forming only a small amount of flour. There are seaweed, can eat the shrimp QQ. [line] home port Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables heron Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables line is very authentic taste of Xiamen, came to the taste. If you love it, if you love seafood to Hong Kong, Lu Sichuan, is really a good choice ~ name: Lu Sichuan Hong Kong Tel: 0592-2072738 address: Siming Siming District Cross Bamboo Road No. 40 (kichiji department store across the ramp, the original Taiwan Street exit)相关的主题文章: