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Lovely stay adorable it has set off a wave of low-cost high Black Whirlwind? Shanghai automobile Sohu represents a way of life, is exquisite, fashionable, pragmatic, efficient, living in a city where is essential to have a bosom friend playmate, can let you in dreams but also enjoyable. In a word, happy, Guangzhou TOYOTA new dazzle play big coffee can definitely make you happy dreams into reality. There is a saying that, to be honest, 100 thousand yuan, why like new dazzle like boutique hatchback, rather than a mediocre three car? Because the cool car look more flying; because, in the aspect of the road shuttle car cobweb more freely; but also because of its interior space and comfort as a car three car, but also because of its excellent quality, fuel-efficient worry, second-hand depreciation less, not slow down your wealth. So the new dazzle really so good? Let’s have a real experience. In terms of appearance, the new dazzle changes mainly concentrated in the design above. The new design will dazzle the hypotenuse changed the original appearance, will greatly widen, formed on both sides of the 3D surface, and fog lamps and LED daytime running lights, a package, face has become wide and low elongation. Another important change is the use of the design of floating roof, and a change is the antenna from the front to the rear; and five spoke wheel hub from the original design into ten spoke wheel design. The appearance of the new dazzle make snap change, also completely changed the new dazzle positioning of the vehicle more movement, thereby locking in the young consumer market. Also worth mentioning is that the new dazzle the new "lemon yellow" body color, also let the new dazzle bright and vibrant. In the interior, the new dazzle retains many classic design elements, but in some of the detail of the design to do a very subtle changes, such as the storage compartment beside the handbrake is changed, become more shallow and wider, another change is the storage box in front of the grid into two. The entire interior, the new dazzle using the upper and lower separation of the console design, combined with the drawing of the control line design, the entire space becomes more generous. It is worth mentioning that the new to dazzle with piano paint and metal decoration, and interior materials, wear-resistant material, more durable and delicate. All buttons and switches are integrated design, more concise. The new dazzle interior design, although not much change, but on the whole, the quality of the interior has been changed and improved. The new dazzle changes not only in the exterior and interior, more importantly, where you can not see, also made a lot of important changes, the new dazzle completely changed the previous A-class car chassis system inherent low technology configuration, but the automatic models are equipped with super smart S-CVT continuously variable transmission (8 speed simulation); at the same level models, the first line comes standard with vehicle stability control system (V相关的主题文章: