Love a false police, wearing fake police uniforms of robbing the bank. baxia

"Love": a false police wearing fake police uniforms, robbing the bank "fireworks" Takeshi stills, 1997 frames 371st, from the moment of "fireworks". Best Western King (Takeshi) sitting in a police car, police uniforms, a man pistol is aiming at the side of the road, he was smiling. Best Western respect is an excellent police, in an act, a colleague was killed and his partner was seriously injured, paralysis of the lower limbs. In his fury, he killed the suspect and shot the bullet in his gun. Since then, he was expelled from the police. His daughter died and his wife suffered from cancer. In addition to treat his wife, paralyzed partner Nishi Kata’s wife, also funded dead colleagues, he owed a huge underground usury. The most decisive way he decided to end it all. In this picture, Best Western respect is preparing to rob the bank, a police car is a taxi after the modification of the painting, uniform is fake. He walked into the bank, quietly grab a large sum of money, return the debt, put the money to the partner and the widow, with his wife last trip. Nishi Kata stills in one step, monotonous and depressing life suddenly had color. He and his wife to see snow, playing poker, fishing, bell, fireworks, but also the way to kill a few greedy gangsters. In the face of despair, Nishi Kata made his choice. "Love" is the representative works of Takeshi, the crisp, calm and do not forget to humor. The film won the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion award. Stills相关的主题文章: