Looking back the vicissitudes of life to seek revival — Mr. Sun Zhongshan commemorate the 150 anniv-kimi wo omou melodi

Looking back the vicissitudes of life to seek revival — Mr. Sun Zhongshan commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Congress – the news agency of the new network in Beijing in November 11 Xinhua: looking back the vicissitudes of life — a new revival plan early in the morning of agency Mr. Sun Zhongshan commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of conference reporter Xing Liyu Lv Shaowei 11, the ancient city of Beijing in the early winter ordinary Friday as usual wake up, people go to work as usual, there are people with good education, online shopping enthusiasm. Spacious Chang’an Avenue, car to car to…… Nowadays, Chinese people are enjoying the convenience of modern society. Looking back in history, it is difficult to imagine in the 1.5 century ago. 10 am, the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. About 3000 people to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s annual meeting held here in. A monogram hanging the top of the podium, after the scene is in the middle of a half length portrait of Mr. Sun Zhongshan and the "1866-2016" word mark, ten red flags were displayed on both sides. "150 years ago, Mr. Sun Zhongshan was born when China is suffering from imperialist powers brutal aggression and feudal autocracy and corrupt rule, frequent wars, The people live in destitution., the Chinese nation was plunged into the abyss of disaster Chinese domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the people in an abyss of misery." Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and chairman of the Central Military commission. "Today, we can say to Mr Sun Zhongshan, than at any time in history we are closer to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, than at any time in history are more confident, have the ability to achieve this goal." Xi Jinping said. "A good country, a good nation, we will be good." Xi Jinping said earnestly, Mr. Sun Zhongshan is looking forward to Chinese lifelong struggle, and become the world’s top powerful nation "and" the world top peaceful country ", China people become" the world’s top to enjoy the happiness of the people". Today, Mr Sun Zhongshan is committed to the construction of people’s livelihood, independent and prosperous country already stands firmly in the east. Xi Jinping’s speech lasted about 50 minutes, Mr. Sun Zhongshan spoke highly of immortal feats, summarizes the valuable spirit, sternly split, declared a new revival of the Chinese nation. More than 10 rounds of applause. "To continue to push forward the great cause of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation since modern times!" At the end of Xi Jinping’s speech, he raised his right hand and made an effort to move forward. The Hongkong representative Li Jitang, the Li Baoyong brothers grandfather elder lady Liu Yingwen, had to support millions of Mr Sun Zhongshan and the revolution of 1911. Liu Hanquan and her husband were invited to attend the meeting, feeling deep. "When Chinese is weak, since the new Chinese was founded, especially since the reform and opening up, national strength has greatly increased, standing in the nations of the world has been basically completed, Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s wishes." They also think that nowadays many young people in Hongkong to the nation’s concept of the Chinese nation shine with great splendor is too weak, little is known about the history, but do not know our more than and 100 years of humiliation. "It is very meaningful to commemorate Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s birthday, and he can give the young people a vivid lesson in ethnic, cultural and相关的主题文章: