Liu Yan king, Xiamen recording show, pajamas lying on top of the explosion scene (map)-3u8895

Liu Yan king of Xiamen show a pajama party hi explosion scene (Figure) recently, Indoorsman goddess Liu Yan recorded in Xiamen LETV in "goddess of choice" reality show, dress cool, strong crowd were passers-by. The Liu Yan in the program image sets are beyond all expectations, as a change in the past mature sexy, go from fresh sweet wind, there doesn’t seem to be consistent as other surprise "! Liu Yan dressed in a simple white spot or T Liu Haigao, comb ponytail, full of sense of youth; or a black and white monochrome dress, long hair and shoulder, elegant and refined. Liu Yan, who was once portrayed as a sexy queen by the lens language, threw away the complicated dressing route, simple style and refreshing nature. Sometimes even pajamas appear on your head with the balls around the head, cute. Remove the aura of the goddess Liu Yan although not so glamorous sexy, but less divided into television, posters in the sense of alienation, add a lot of Linjiaxiaomei like kind. The same partner bestie Liu Yan: not the famous blue Dapeng, beyond all expectations are not familiar with Jia Ling, but cheerful funny king. According to the director said, which is good for bestie feelings during the recording, very understanding, and more male guests at the swimming pool open Pajama Party, "large scale" game high over Gulangyu Islet. Liu Yan and the king, this unexpected girlfriends partner will collide what sparks? Please look forward to the end of November to choose music video "goddess"!

柳岩大王厦门录制节目 睡衣趴嗨爆现场(图)近日,宅男女神柳岩在厦门录制乐视网综《女神的选择》真人秀,衣着清凉,遭路人强势围观。此次柳岩在节目中的形象出人意料,几套装扮都一改往日的成熟性感,走起清新甜美风,似乎不像一贯的造型那么有“看点”!现场柳岩或身着简单白T,梳起刘海高马尾,青春感满满;或着黑、白单色连衣裙,长发及肩,清丽脱俗。曾经被镜头语言塑造成性感女王的柳岩此次却抛开了心机繁复的穿衣路线,风格简约,清爽自然。有时甚至直接睡衣出镜,头上顶一个随手绕就的丸子头,俏皮可爱。卸下了女神光环的柳岩虽然没有那么性感美艳,但少了分电视、海报中的疏离感,增添了许多邻家小妹般的亲切。此次柳岩的闺蜜搭档同样出人意料:不是著名蓝颜大鹏,也不是大家熟知的贾玲,而是开朗鬼马的大王。据导演透露,这对闺蜜感情很好,录制期间十分默契,更与男嘉宾在泳池边大开睡衣趴,“大尺度”游戏high翻鼓浪屿。柳岩和大王这对出人意料的闺蜜拍档究竟会碰撞出怎样的火花?敬请期待11月底乐视视频《女神的选择》!相关的主题文章: