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Liu Shuailiang "water" regret "donkey iron good love" screen kiss deleted – Sohu Liu Shuailiang water "entertainment" donkey "string villain" poster Liu Shuailiang "donkey water" stills Sohu entertainment news Liu Shuailiang starred in the second comedy movie "happy twist" donkey water released more than a week, the cumulative box office after breaking 100 million the audience enthusiasm undiminished. Rural teachers Zhou Tienan and Allison Liu Shuailiang played in the SM lead the audience attention and discussion, the story behind the day before in the interview he shared his shot and Allison donkey shed the fighting scenes, and frankly actually have a Allison iron man and cut off the kiss, attracted the audience infinite regret, but in the official exposure of the "cut version of kiss" featurette, also let the audience could not bear to look, even praise brother too provocative murder." After Liu Shuailiang shared the fighting scenes 32 shooting behind the film "water" tired donkey cumulative strong breakthrough billion mark hit Hollywood blockbuster movie with its excellent quality check, and a large number of "tap water" support, box office reputation continues to ferment. Popular actor Liu Shuailiang in the film character in temperament is straightforward popular rural teacher Zhou Tienan, and the daughter Allison from Liangxiaowucai finally to break the tragedy of love by the audience attention and sparked a lively discussion. The day before, Liu Shuailiang in the interview to share his shooting with Allison fight scene in the donkey shed broke up before the story behind the scenes: "my impression of the scene is very deep, because the director is very strict, so many lines of a word can not be wrong, finally took six hours for 32 times before. And I still have a high fever the day before, then the physical strength has been unable to keep up with." In the face of numerous messages that distressed users, Liu Shuailiang said, special thanks to everyone’s concern, as an actor, as long as we feel that the film looks good live, eat more bitter are worth it." Liu Shuailiang and Allison Allison Liu Shuailiang intimate photo Liu Shuailiang and regret kissing is deleted first kiss at the end of iron man beautiful too provocative film "donkey" water, played by Liu Shuailiang Zhou Tienan gave a box of Allison was accidentally knocked over the ball, the ball rolled down the slope riotous with colour scene to the audience left a very deep impression, and lovers not married ending expressed regret for the iron man and allison. This Liu Shuailiang said: "why not go with the iron man finally Allison is very complex, on the one hand he felt Allison ideas too simple can not understand their own difficulties, on the other hand, he felt he was not worthy of her, in her heart, iron man has completely changed." Liu Shuailiang also revealed that in fact the iron man and Allison filmed a scene, it is also his first on-screen kiss, that is he to play the most satisfactory, a first kiss sentimental, sincere and beautiful, even when shooting the director Liu Lu moved to tears, but in the end was cut off by the director. On the front side should voice users released foreign customers, Shuailiang sincere and gentle Liu Allison’s sentimental simple exciting, a beautiful kiss also made a lot of ignorant viewers have said "plug was unable to restrain the emotions, a lot of food", "shoot so well why you want to delete". Happy twist produced second comedy masterpiece "donkey" water is the country aggressively, "acting a little meat in the cinema Shuailiang liu.相关的主题文章: