Lishui will build the airport exhibition town features-winbook

Lishui airport will be built exhibition feature of the town in November 4th, "small town big dream" town town development seminar Chinese characteristics and strategy of China happy with the signing of Nanjing airport exhibition features release ceremony held in Nanjing town. China happiness, Lishui district government and the world’s leading Convention and exhibition company, France, the Group signed a cooperation agreement. National Development and Reform Commission, the person in charge of the Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Liu Yian, the provincial department in charge of the relevant departments attended the ceremony. At the signing ceremony, the Chinese President of happiness ye ye introduced the characteristics of the Chinese town of happiness industry. Since 2002, China has been introduced into the happiness of Guan, the government led, business operations, cooperation and win-win, PPP market-oriented mode of operation to promote economic development in Guan, urban development and livelihood security. Today, China’s well-being of its successful practice to explore the PPP model extended to the world. In the future, China will continue to force the well-being of PPP model, to create a beautiful feature of the town. Ye Jun said, this time, Huaxia happiness and Nanjing District of Lishui city government and the French zhiao Exhibition Group signed a cooperation agreement to jointly build Nanjing airport exhibition town. The project covers an area of two square kilometers, the construction area of 500 thousand square meters, plans to build Asia airport professional exhibition center, the next year will contribute 1 billion of revenue for regional exhibition. "We are honored and proud to work with such a professional and experienced." France zhiao exhibition group Chinese District President Recco said, zhiao exhibition in the exhibition industry has many years of experience and network of international relations, China happiness has experience in each big city China construction and operation, financial and business areas, coupled with the strong support of Nanjing city and Lishui district government for the planning and development of the future, we will work together the District of Lishui and Nanjing to build a cluster of domestic and global activities, major exhibition". Liu Yian said that the signing of the airport exhibition service in the town, the development of airport economic zone and hub, will quickly enhance the city function quality of Lishui Vice City, the realization of "Hong Kong City" the depth of integration, very much in line with the development concept of the town’s characteristics, hope that the three party contracted to sincere cooperation, accelerate the construction of the town to ensure early success. Liu Yian requirements, to a high level of planning the development of small towns, high-quality features to enhance the small town industry, and promote the construction of small towns with high efficiency, and promote the construction of small towns. To the airport exhibition town built as soon as possible, the function characteristics of industrial fusion and ecological environment beautiful town features demonstration, and ultimately become a provincial and national demonstration town features, fully demonstrate the effectiveness of the characteristics of small town construction of our city, and promote the development of other town features. Correspondent Wang Lu相关的主题文章: