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Li Xue: not good enough for you, the parents just hate you unconditionally. – Sohu maternal Author: Li Xue 18 year old Stoudemire jumped into the river after the college entrance examination Dutch act "dead, message, my heart is free." Stoudemire family, really have no what say major abuse: no single divorced, no, no physical abuse disabilities suffer hunger and cold. However, his soul is suffering in hell every second. "What happens, mother’s test 98 is called, a call to eat hiccup earwax dish, also called a wrong position. When I was young, life is not good to be strict with me." "The first month of the whole school 73, call my mother said, my mother said that only 73, ha ha, I was on the other side of the phone are quick to cry. Outside the competition is more intense, the other students in the first 600 parents have a prize, and I?" "See Lao Tze QQ online to scold me, I do not evaluate. Well, I got a scholarship to buy me a computer, and then? My school fifth, (the results of the father said) the computer to buy the impact of learning (I go back once a week), said the Internet addiction." ("I sleep deliberately test) test almost, hope I can ask my dad like, a little changed, and then call the first sentence: don’t you want to read on? I’ll go to another school with you. Don’t waste my money." I use the computer to play CF, and then the virus in the computer, my father hit me, blame me (the result is that his father downloaded pirated software poisoning), my heart is not happy." These trivial things are too common. In his parents, the son of suicide, there is no sign. His mother has been crying: "strict points that are good for him!" "So he didn’t expect him to hold a grudge, didn’t you think we good?" The child has Dutch act, parents still say: blame the child to hold a grudge, actually we are very good for children. Such a family, there are tens of millions in Chinese do not know, is "all in the eyes of most normal families: the family, children need to worry, no physical abuse, parents try to put most of resources for children, such as child expensive school. If a child says he is suffering, almost everyone will retort: your parents pay so much for you, so good for you, how can you say so heartless words?! In such a seemingly normal family, there is a spiritual hell. The parents of the children hate into children get in by every opening in all aspects of life, through various details of mental abuse of children, and the name of "the name of the child". For example: the parents, when children encounter setbacks need strength and security when parents give emotional support, parents need to feel the firm give indifference and ridicule blow, let the child have enemies in front and rear, hopeless, feel the whole world is full of hostility. Such parents, when children’s scolding a child "jubilant, sedate, act to children face, let the children believe that they don’t deserve to be happy, happiness is shameful. This kind of parents, the children in their own affairs, good相关的主题文章: