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Li Longjun "dusknoir" offer screen kiss scene NG crazy – Sohu "entertainment dusknoir" Li Longjun, Wei Ni Sohu entertainment news from the new generation director Zhang Kunyi, Wei Ni, Li Longjun starred in the suspense thriller film "dusknoir" is currently in the country aggressively. In the movie thriller interwoven retro exquisite picture of love, and there is no lack of high value in short story of fresh flowers Yan, the actors are full of surprise, since the release of the audience to get a lot of praise. "Dusknoir" against the previous domestic thriller is full of nonsense, don’t scream, haunted not playing erotic edge ball, don’t play "ghost village", "mystery" nothingness concept focuses on female college students (Zhao Ziyu Wynne ornaments) has always been a childhood dream and a dream, the child fell well to die, for which she had been living in fear discomfort, ex boyfriend Du Zhen (Li Longjun ornaments) of the entanglement, strange side that Ziyu frequently partly hidden and partly visible can not tell which one is false, which is true to yourself. The movie opens soon, "dusknoir" Thriller appeared, serial murder ensued, "cruel dusknoir" approach, form of metamorphosis, the atmosphere of terror will be pushed to the climax. The film with the most point in addition to "dusknoir" means of killing, and more is to explore the motive of pursuing. According to the relevant clues, all threads neatly tied up arrangement and connected configuration between the traces is also a little bit of truth, the truth. In addition to the suspense thriller, the film also has a lot of sweet memories of love love plot, part of Zhao Ziyu with Du Zhen’s crazy poke the audience girl heart, shoelaces, breakfast everyday is "sweet tooth dog abuse", Li Longjun contributed his silver screen kiss in the film is the second part, and at that time take the scene, Li Longjun said that because of their own with the heroine meet soon contact is not much, and the director to French kiss, so filming mad NG, staff also jokingly said that he is not in the intentional advantage.   相关的主题文章: