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College-University Be it the clothes we wear or the accessories we pair with them, fashion rules our lives today. Perceived as exciting and fast paced, the world of fashion beckons all those who seek a glamorous profession. While there is a lot of scope for those with a creative bent of mind, there is also mind-boggling competition in this industry in India. This is why those who choose to be a part of this industry need something to set them apart from the rest amidst this fierce competition. You must have an edge over the rest to be ahead in the race. What can give you this superiority is a degree from a fashion designing college in India. It gives students a deeper understanding of designing, in particular, and the industry, in general. While Mumbai may be the fashion Mecca of the country, it is Delhi, the capital of India, where students from across the country head to in search of quality educational institutions. And, they are usually not disappointed! The same applies for a fashion designing course. Although there are fashion schools aplenty, all may not prove to be an ideal partner in your journey. Here are a few parameters you need to keep in mind while looking for the best fashion design school in Delhi: * Courses offered: Not all institutes will offer programs of your choice. Find out about the latest courses and then check if they are available before taking a decision. No point in choosing a fashion design school which does not have what you want. You should move over traditional electives and go in for new ones involving 3D design and CAD or computer software. * Way of teaching: With changing times, the traditional way of teaching is not likely to strike the right chord with Gen Y. Innovative teaching methodology must be used to engage them. Moving over texts, there should be lots of practical work involving projects and internships so that students get a feel of the real thing. The manner of teaching must be rigorous and make students go beyond the stereotypical way of learning and understanding the subject. * Life skills: Although creative and designing skills are necessary for a fashion design career, students must also be trained in life skills to stay put in the competitive fashion world. They must be taught how to deliver under high pressure without losing their cool. The right fashion designing college in India must make you a confident person, ready to take on any challenge. * Background of the faculty: For any educational institute to be a leading one, it must have a star faculty. Do not be blinded by jazzy campuses. Before zeroing in on the best fashion design school in Delhi, remember to run through the profiles of the professors – where they have got their degrees from and their qualifications. It helps if the professors are from reputed places or have industry connections. * Cost involved: Money may not be the be-all and end-all of life but it is crucial to keep the fees of the design school in mind before going for it. You must not take unnecessary pressure in the form of loans, yourself or pass the burden to your parents, just because they are available. Choose wisely after calculating the returns you can expect and then make your investment. If your fashion designing college in India has a strong alumni collaboration and a good connect with the industry, it may be worth putting your money into it. Finally, check if placement is arranged for. A host of institutes offer fashion programs today. WLCI with campuses across the country is one of the best options. In fact, it is the best fashion design school in Delhi where it has its main campus. To know more, go to http://www.wlci.in/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: