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Movies-TV The music industry was taken up by storm when Canadian popstar Avril Lavigne announced her engagement to fellow Canadian rocker Chad Kroeger in August 2012. While Kroeger is the lead vocalist and lead guitarist for the famous rock band Nickelback, Lavigne is already a mega pop icon all over the globe. Avrils marriage with Deryck Whibley ended in November 2010 and she began dating Chad in February 2012. Love blossomed when they co-wrote a song together for Lavignes album. 28-year old Avril has decided to ac.pany her fiance on the road as he tours with his band. She was last seen after landing from a flight in Sydney with Chad as he and his band are on their Here and Now world tour. It seems that Taylor Swift, the 22-year old country pop artist, has found a new love in Harry Styles, singer in the popular boy band One Direction. They were spotted together in numerous occasions after rumors about their relationship started .ing up. They were also seen together taking a stroll at Central Park of New York City. There is also photographic evidence of sighting this couple holding hands, and enjoying each others .pany. We hope for young Taylor that her 6th celebrity boyfriend lasts longer than the rest. They are ready to get married! Again! It was in December 2010 when the 86-year old playboy mogul Hugh Hefner presented an engagement ring to his long-time partner Crystal Harris, 60 years younger to him. However, Harris backed-off and cancelled the wedding on July 13, 2011 5 days before the wedding date. Things seem to be getting back on track and the Playboy man has decided to take another shot at his luck. The couple got re-engaged in December 2012 and they are slated to marry during the New Years Eve and the New Years Day, 2012/2013. It seems that RobSten are back together. Kristen Stewart got romantically linked to actor Robert Pattinson while filming for Twilight in 2008. They became one of the most googled celebrity couples in the world. The whole world stood in shock as their dream love-boat was about to sink in July 2012 when photographs were found of Stewart cozying up to her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Kristen did not delay to issue a public apology to Pattinson; and it seems Pattinson was fast to accept her back in his life. To top it all, it seems that the stupendous success of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 has played a part in solidifying their fondness for each other. It is also heard that the couple spent thanksgiving together in London with Pattinsons family. American socialite Paris Hilton and her 21-year-old model boyfriend River Viiperi were spotted together in Mumbai as they visited the Siddhivinayak Temple – a temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Ganesh. Viiperi ac.panied Hilton on her trip to India as she was an important part of India Resort Fashion Week 2012. They also visited a childrens orphanage later that day; and did not to express in Twitter every feeling of joy they felt. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: