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Lanzhou the Yellow River river edge "Crazy Stone": a stone a story – Beijing new network in Lanzhou in October 14, (Ding Si Li Yalong) "in 1980s and 90s, the Lanzhou people love to pick up the stone on the the Yellow River side, the excavator working in the Yellow River, pour out the sediment piled on the shore, with iron hook people immediately rushed to the iron hook who first come into contact with the stone, the stone is who." Recalling the past looking for stone experience, 70 year old Zheng Zhong immersed in the collection of more than 30 years of happiness, love stone crazy, one side of the Yellow River stone, there is a story". Lanzhou is the only capital city in the Yellow River that China has been wearing. The Yellow River mother brought the source of life and growth in nature into this city northwest town, more added a "taste" for the monotonous life, that is, picking up stones, stone on stone. "Horse riding Chebi", "the Yellow River mother", "the goddess patching the sky" and "the ancient Silk road"…… Different color, different materials of fine stone neatly arranged, Gansu province is now the ornamental stone association of Zheng Zhong on each stone "familiar", told reporters on the stone surface of the classic story. In 1983, Zheng Zhong opened the "treasure hunt". That year, he was a soldier who exercise against the edge of the Tengger desert. "Early in the morning and evening, the sun shines on the Gobi, the stone sparkling, very good-looking." One day, he and his teammates walking, found a piece of stone on the Gobi painting a girl, like the flying Apsaras on the Dunhuang murals, it is incredible, it is amazing". "Flying stone girl" placed on the desk of Zheng Zhong, "the stone and stone let me soon". Since then, Zheng Zhong fell in love with "stones", when they are free riding bicycles, carrying bags, carrying iron hooks and plastic bottles filled with water, see the good stone, water is directly sprayed up, it will know how to picture how the texture, type, quality, color, pattern, rhyme, problem he is a basic standard, good stone. Compared to the 80s "play rock" of Zheng Zhong, a 75 year old man Quantai is "behind the beat". He said that in early 90s, with the increasingly affluent people’s economic conditions, spiritual and cultural needs increasingly prominent. At that time, he and his friends to join the rock team. Pick up full Quantai "baby let crazy", he said, "the mood will be very happy, not happy a day, two days, at least to a month to two months; all day thinking about going to see, to wipe, wake up sleeping in the middle of the night to see it. At that time to pick up stones is relatively pure, there is no concept of market and trading". 1997, Gansu held the first stone exhibition in the Yellow River, the sale of stone gradually hot. Full Quantai said, there will be specialized farmers to pick up the stone, "1 yuan, 2 yuan, the buyer in exchange for a piece of stone in the courtyard of farmer satisfaction". Today, a good stone will offer tens of thousands of yuan. Full Quantai said, the Yellow River flows through the area, taking the igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, forming a rich and interesting type of the Yellow River stone, the main picture stone, landscape stone, stone with appropriate pictograms, seat frame can become furnishings or desk for cleaning. Domestic and foreign countries and regions of the "stone friends" also相关的主题文章: