Lai fled four thousand years after suffering a fine run away from it footman

After the old Lai fled four thousand years after suffering a fine run away rush back hard for a few years, Guo came to my hometown in Anhui to settle down, buy a house, but when the bank loans, Guo was told that the loans do not down, because he was included in the dishonest debtor list. This makes Guo can not think of A. Their own hand in the use of bank cards also have no bad records, how to become a dishonest staff? Investigation, Guo know the problem in a year ago a fine, when he was in Ningbo Zhenhai pendulum stalls. Yesterday, the evening news reporter from Ningbo Zhenhai court learned that because of a delay to pay 4000 yuan for administrative fines, Guo was included in the list of dishonest staff. So, in order to successfully buy loans, and Guo home from Anhui all the way back to the court to pay the fines in Zhenhai, it eliminates their credit records. Undocumented selling fried chicken beer, he will pay a fine of 4000 yuan in 2014, Guo Anhui Wuhe home to finish high school and moved to Ningbo to work, is the "real" 95. When I first came to Ningbo, Guo as a waiter in a hotel, the hotel due to long working hours, high strength work, usually lazy accustomed to Guo soon fried squid boss. In May 2015, Guo chose to start his own business after unemployment. He bought an electric tricycle, fried special aluminum box, all kinds of spices, folding table, plastic stool, with chicken recipe in the hotel to learn, set up on the roadside stalls, named "Xiao Guo beer chicken". Due to the small Guo chicken taste good, and collocation have beer, from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. business, every day can gain hundreds of yuan. This let Xiao Guo started a "small change shop, shop changed chain store" dream. However, good times don’t last long, stalls business for two months later, because the oil smoke pollution nuisance, and nearby residents reported. Urban management law enforcement officers at the scene did not find a license and other licenses Guo, verbal warning Guo is not allowed to operate, or give a fine. Guo for urban management law enforcement officers repeatedly verbal warnings, education ignored, and stubbornly believe that their own labor to make money, not wrong. After several fruitless persuasion, the relevant departments of the legal procedures for Guo made a fine of 4000 yuan penalty. Not pay also disappeared, but he promises are included in the list, but at the end of Guo disappeared received administrative punishment decision, "Guo beer chicken stalls shut down, he also lost contact. After several times less than Guo Guo, in accordance with the relevant provisions, as a result of Guo did not pay fines on time, the urban construction department after the legal procedures, to the court for enforcement. Zhenhai court after examination that the decision of the administrative penalty of the urban construction department finds that the facts are clear, the applicable law is correct, law enforcement and legal procedures, determination of the administrative punishment decision to grant compulsory execution. But on the other hand, Guo is still in a state of lost contact, refused to fulfill the obligations of legal instruments to determine the obligations. According to the law, Zhenhai court of Ningbo city decided to Guo into the national dishonest debtor list. Loans can not buy a house, he took the initiative to come back to pay a fine is a surprise, lost contact with a year long Guo, in September of this year, suddenly took the initiative to contact the contractor.相关的主题文章: