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Kobe: Los Angeles play only goal win early to prepare a fast transition merchant legend! Kobe film August 25th review of the Losangeles City Council before the announcement of the city of, will be held in August 24th as "day of". Today, the Losangeles City Council held a ceremony to pay tribute to Kobe, in recognition of his contribution to Losangeles in 20 years. Kobe: Losangeles will usher in another champion in his speech, referring to the "Kobe day", and even called the "surreal", he said: "I feel very different, because this achievement is too different from the. It must be said that when I arrived in Losangeles, I did not expect this day. Thanks to the Lakers, the family, thank you." 20 years ago, Kobe graduated from high school came to Losangeles to join the Lakers, from the legendary journey. Today, Losangeles is the home of Kobe, he said: "this is a wonderful city, unbelievable, in this crazy celebration after the end, I hope my heritage can be extended to the outside of basketball. I hope August 24th will be a celebration of passion, hard work and dedication. Because the Church of the next generation how to achieve greatness is what we really care about. In this city, we have only one goal, that is to win. Inspire the next generation to realize their dreams, no matter what their dreams are, this is the most important. To do this we need each other, we will do it together, and we will win one after another." In his speech, Kobe mentioned a lot of things outside of basketball, he said he wanted to continue to help those homeless people. In addition, Kobe became a businessman after retirement, not long ago he invested $one hundred million to create the venture capital fund. Kobe said he was ready to retire after the transition, do business for him is not a challenge. "I’m ready," said Kobe, "for 17 years I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do when I retire. As an athlete, you know, once you retire, you have to find a career where you can do the same. It’s really hard, it’s really hard for me, I was born to play basketball, and all I knew from the age of 4 was playing. However, I also know that the basketball career will end, then after retirement? It took me 17 years to figure out what I was going to do after retirement, and I paid a lot of effort to read a lot of books. For 3 years, I have prepared for this day." In his speech, Kobe quite humorous, sparkling discourse, he said: "to 20 years with a team playing in the team, or from my childhood dream to play for the team, the whole career in this purple shirt, I got God’s blessing." "Thank you, my daughter, there is no more important than what you. We will soon usher in the third daughter was born, so I need the help of two daughters, sister you have to explain why this day is named after her father, she certainly didn’t know when I play basketball well before." (from a dozen to five) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: