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"In the mood" Chef Michelle Yeoh Henry offbeat film – Interpretation of delicacy entertainment channel, on August 26th release of the national synchronized "food" film "in the mood" Kitchen God, directed by Jin Zhenya (Gina Kim) directed, international superstar Michelle Yeoh, the popular small meat Henry (Henry Lau), the strength of acting Jinghan yellow star. It is reported that, "in the mood" Kitchen God not only with good color and taste "gluttonous dinner" to seduce a large number of fans also chowhound clearly, to "cure" emotional line move, bring to the audience on "eat" and "love" memories. In this regard, Michelle Yeoh also said that eating is very important, but more important is to eat with whom. Michelle Yeoh on the double identity "in the mood" Henry in the kitchen god role experience and love the movie "in the mood for delicacy Kitchen God", with the delicacy of memory as emotional cues, tells a touching story about love and delicacy a three. Michelle Yeoh said, the film is shot delicacy since she has such a desire, not only meet their heart can better promote the chowhound, people around the world to understand the China delicacy. The delicacy series from the movie idea, Michelle Yeoh said: "eat" is the basic demand of people to maintain the body function, but with different people will eat the release of different emotions, expressing different emotional needs. And "in the mood" as chef Henry’s big screen debut, but also during the suffering. Henry itself is a culinary "rookie" will only cook instant noodles and Fried Eggs weekdays; but for the interpretation of "a corner of talented chefs, several months of closed door training. In this regard, Henry said, from the "Chef" character, also feel the parents on weekdays for him to cook is not easy, want to go home to cook for my parents to cook. It can be said, Henry on the food transfer love has a more profound understanding. Delicacy movie play new tricks "in the mood" will become the kitchen god summer ending is different from the "lonely" debris flow, "gourmet night canteen" and other Japanese TV drama, "in the mood" meat delicacy Chushen seductive, warm stomach, emotional heart, will offer the audience a visual delicacy. As the summer wrap film, the film not only has a homely delicacy in drool with envy, more intense cooking; each contestant UPS, show of their special skills, more countries will be presented one by one delicacy. In this regard, Michelle Yeoh revealed that the film’s recipes and dishes are carefully chosen, Chinese have a western style, trying to give the audience a real delicacy feast, in the filming process, we also tried some new category, hope to give the audience a different experience and flavor. Henry also revealed that the highlight of the movie, not only lies in all kinds of delicacy is more dazzling, a Home Dishes, involved three generations of emotion, I hope we will not be lonely in fact and delicacy misleading, family and friends to taste the delicacy is the most happy thing. It is reported that the movie "Kitchen God" will be in August 26th, the national release, please look forward to. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: