Kekaidi bet big data storage investment in Intel g-area meru

Bet big data storage Intel investment department opened Intel (Intel) is Devin Yang Yang to Xiang Yun computing and intelligent Internet computing devices company transformation. This requires large data storage as the basis. Intel Intel (Intel Capital) as a strategic investment department of the company, is committed to finding and investing in the forefront of global technological innovation." Lin Lizhong, managing director of Intel Asia Pacific and greater china. In September 20th, Intel invested in China to invest in a large data storage company. In Kekaidi from Intel today announced the completion of a new round of investment and financing, the specific size of the investment was not disclosed, in Kekaidi that will be used mainly for research and development and market development. In Kekaidi headquarters is located in Beijing, founded in 2011. According to academician of Academy of Sciences Chinese famous optics and materials science expert Gan Fuxi explains, in Kekaidi do, is to solve the large data storage are easy to tamper, high energy consumption, save the problem of short period. "Change the original magnetic storage for optical storage, in Kekaidi Forte lies in the development and application of optical storage technology". According to Kekaidi founder and CEO Zhang Li introduced the company’s storage technology data can be safely stored for 100 years. The explosive growth of data, large data storage has become a large and attractive market. IDC predicts that by 2020, the earth will have 44ZB (ZettaByte) data, and last year, the size of the global storage reached ZB scale. 1ZB in the end how much it? It is equivalent to 1 trillion GB, and 1GB can almost be stored in the photos of the 1000 general specifications. This gave birth to the booming market for data storage. 2015 global, global server market size of $55 billion 100 million, an increase of 8% over the year of 2014. Shipments grew by 4.9% to a record high of $9 million 700 thousand. Of which about 43% are provided to the Chinese market, which is used to store data for 60%. It also makes data storage, chip industry has become China’s focus on the national level areas of support. 2015 national integrated circuit fund was established, the scale of over one hundred billion, only the amount of investment in the year up to 20 billion yuan. And in that year, including Tianjin, Shandong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Suzhou and Gansu are planning to set up a semiconductor industry investment fund, the fall of Hunan is the country micro integrated circuit of venture investment fund, the scale between 30-50 million. However, these funds are mainly focused on foreign countries, which is a typical case of Thunis. Only in 2015, Thunis has set foot on the micron (Micron Technology. INC), WD (Westen Digital) takeover. Even the private sector’s capital seems to focus more on foreign countries. Whether Wu Yuefeng capital (Summitview Capital) of the United States or the acquisition of ISSI, CITIC Capital, stone core CRE joint investment on Howare Technology (OmniVision Technologies).相关的主题文章: