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Cerebral palsy children burn his father: save the baby, not his fault, "mother, it hurts too much, save me."." Listen to the sound of a son for help, Zhang Hongbo xinrudaoge. "I was firewood stuck, I want to use the torch burning firewood light I can go out." This is Zhang Hongbo’s 15 year old son Wang Yu’s idea. In October 9th he got into the house near the firewood pile, then ignite firewood caused large area burns himself down. His thinking is different from that of ordinary people because he suffers from congenital cerebral palsy. Shenyang Kangping County, because it is a busy season, Zhang Hongbo and her husband busy with the harvest, because the weather is getting cold to pull his son into the cold, put him alone in the house. Wang Yu can’t walk, and he’s usually wheelchair bound. When his parents left, he stayed at home and moved himself to the wheelchair and left home. He did not go far, even with a wheelchair into a straw near home, resulting in his wheelchair caught firewood trapped inside get out. Wang Yu had a 10 year old sister, found her brother was not home soon after the discovery of him, the little girl to do all the strength can not push brother’s wheelchair, for a long time, sister bored, left brother left. Seeing it in the afternoon, Wang Yu was very worried, he turned to a lighter in a wheelchair, lit their firewood stuck…… Smoke billowing up, some villagers found the fire, but also found trapped in the fire Wang Yu. Four or five villagers rescued him from the fire, unfortunately, Wang Yu waist pants and shoes are all burned, stuck in the body, as black as. Overnight, Zhang Hongbo and her husband sent their son to the Armed Police Corps Hospital in Liaoning province. "The child aches, and always says," I can’t stand it. I want to go home. "." Zhang Hongbo looked at the patient lying on the bed and cried, and his son kept wiping out his tears. Zhang Hongbo said, although Wang Yu congenital cerebral palsy but not completely, "silly", usually talk with family, neighborhood Laoke will do, but also simple addition and subtraction, especially good memory, most of the people in the village phone number, adults can’t remember him remember all. Just a few days before they were burned, they were taking their children back to rehab at the Liaoning Rehabilitation Center for the disabled. Wang Yu legs 30% area was severely burned, the most serious parts reached four degrees, the hospital next week in preparation for the implementation of skin grafts for him, but a few million yuan surgery worry Zhang Hongbo couple. Zhang Hongbo is a main source of income to rely on home a few acres of farmland, slack when Zhang Hongbo husband will go to the site to work. "Hands more than 10 thousand yuan savings, do rehabilitation treatment just spent all out of this, the day of the accident or borrow 3000 yuan from neighbors to the hospital, can blink away."." All the people in the village donated money to Zhang Yu, and the total cost was 30 thousand yuan. "Children are sick, and the ignition is not his fault, we can not watch the child die, if we give up treatment, he will soon be infected, fever, not long live."." Yesterday, Wang Yu father Wang Jinlong said, the site of his life, he will do, and not afraid of hardship, not tired, "as long as someone can save money to save the child, I’m willing to work to repay debts."." Late night men left hospital armed with cerebral palsy

脑瘫少年点柴垛烧伤自己 爸:救救娃,不是他的错 “妈妈,实在太疼了,救救我吧。”听着儿子一声声求救,张洪波心如刀割。“我被柴草困住了,我想用火把柴草烧光我就能出去。”这是张洪波15岁儿子王宇的想法。10月9日他钻进家附近的柴草垛,随后点燃柴草造成自己下身大面积被烧伤。他的思维之所以与常人不同,是因为他患有先天性脑瘫。沈阳康平县,因为是农忙季节,张洪波与丈夫忙着秋收,因为怕天气渐冷把儿子拉到地里冻着,就把他独自留在家里。王宇不会走路,平时靠轮椅活动。父母走后,他在家里待不住,就自己挪蹭到轮椅上,并离开家。没走多远,他连人带轮椅扎进了家附近一个柴草堆里,柴草绊住轮椅致使他陷在里面出不来。王宇有一个10岁的妹妹,发现哥哥不在家之后很快找到了他,小女孩使尽浑身力气也推不动哥哥的轮椅,弄了半天妹妹烦了就丢下哥哥走了。眼看已经到了下午,王宇很着急,他在轮椅里翻到一个打火机,点燃了困住自己的柴草……浓烟滚滚升起,有村民发现失火了,也发现了困在火中的王宇。四五个村民将他从火堆里救出来,不幸的是,王宇下半身裤子、鞋全都烧焦了,粘在身上,如同黑炭一样。连夜,张洪波和丈夫将儿子送到武警辽宁省总队医院抢救。“孩子疼啊,总跟我说受不了了,想回家。”张洪波看着躺在病床上疼得直叫唤的儿子不住地抹眼泪。张洪波说,王宇虽然先天脑瘫,但不是完全的“傻”,平时与家人、邻里说话唠嗑都行,而且简单加减法也会,尤其记忆力好,村子里大部分人的电话号码,大人记不住他全能记住。就在被烧伤前几天,他们还一直带孩子在辽宁省残疾人康复中心进行康复治疗。王宇双腿30%面积被严重烧伤,最严重的部位达到四度,下周医院准备为他实施植皮手术,但几万元钱的手术费愁坏了张洪波夫妇。张洪波一家主要经济来源靠家里几亩农田,农闲时张洪波丈夫就去工地打工。“手里1万多元积蓄,做康复治疗刚刚花光就出了这事,出事当天还是朝邻居借的3000元钱来的医院,可眨眼就没了。”全村的人都为张宇捐款,一共筹到3万元救命钱也陆续花完了。“孩子有病,以及点火都不是他的错,我们不能看着孩子死,如果我们放弃治疗,他很快就会感染、发烧,活不了多久。”昨天,王宇父亲王金龙说,工地的活他都会干,而且不怕苦不怕累,“只要有人能出钱救孩子,我愿意打工还债。” 深夜时分男子全副武装医院遗弃脑瘫儿相关的主题文章: