Jordan help Paul activities with practical action to break the discord rumors-mide-031

Jordan help Paul activities with practical action to break with rumours that Paul and little Jordan sina sports news Beijing time on September 19th, according to the "Boston globe" reported that the Clippers all star guard Chris Paul in Losangeles recently held a youth, and his team Andre Youde Jordan suddenly appeared, and to Paul and the presence of all the children a surprise. In accordance with the original plan, Paul will donate a basketball court alone, but he did not expect is that the little Jordan suddenly appeared, which is obviously beyond the expectations of the president of the United States, the United States and the United States and china. Subsequently, Paul, Jordan and the former Clippers players – Murray lamond with children of interaction. This little help Jordan Paul, will undoubtedly further break outside the rumors about their relationship. A year ago, to become a free agent Jordan almost left the clippers, because he had already reached a verbal agreement with dallas. At that time there were many rumors that there was a contradiction between Jordan and Paul. But later, after convincing the Clippers team (including Paul also appeared in Jordan’s home), little Jordan and the Clippers decided to renew. Last season, the core players (Paul and Griffin) injury, the clippers were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. So the new season will be crucial to the Clippers for. As Kevin Durant left the thunder, so the Clippers are considered in third teams, only the warriors and the spurs. In addition, Paul and Griffin will become a free agent in the summer of next year, so the three giants to retain the clippers, they must achieve a breakthrough in the new season. From this point, a very important chemical reaction between the big three, but little Jordan this person to help out the activities of Paul, can be said to be practical action to break the rumors about their relationship with the. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: