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Jing Wong "ace ace": to tease audiences is the golden rule — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: "the entertainment of the audience appetite, entertainment is the golden rules" by Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming starred in the comedy action film "trump card" will be made ace national box office contender, as the film director, working for more than 40 years, this year there are many billion commercial film near the body of Jing Wong himself has always insisted on using declare in no uncertain terms benefits to return the trust of investors, "I need to pay attention to each movie at the box office, the audience love, buy a ticket to see my movie is the truth." In his view, there is no absolute good or bad movies, the key lies in whether the audience’s appetite, "I think I took all the audience’s appetite, to maximize the audience’s appetite, is the golden rule take entertainment". And Andy Lau 30 years of cooperation with the "trump card" trump, Andy Lau plays a detection ability and ability in parallel first "?", Andy Lau and Jing Wong’s fate began in 1986 of the "magic jade" cooperation, two people 30 years of cooperation in more than 30 movies, "I’ve never seen anything like Andy Lau so the diligent efforts of the people, he always wants to do the best." Asked two people again feeling, Jing Wong smiled and said: "we are a bit like the feeling of an old married couple." The "trump card" with ACE is the only national day stall in a comedy, for this type of oneself very good, Jing Wong believes that only let the audience laugh out is a comedy, "if what’s different this time, that is to make everyone more happy!" For the main real CG technology and gorgeous star competition "grand track", Jing Wong said Guo Jingming did not know, but through his films can be seen as a packaging master, "every time the packaging was very beautiful". Not bad but didn’t comment on the movie arena battles for 40 years, the most good at making pure entertainment and commercial films Jing Wong always know how to capture the audience’s popular taste. Someone with a "kitsch taste" to describe his work, but in Jing Wong’s opinion, "vulgar" means the public, "how can you give up the largest group to please Pyramid leading a small group of people? Vulgar, is the film must take a point." Romance, martial arts films, film, film Hero Jing Wong undercover to a wide range of styles, carry out "the audience love what to shoot what" creed. As the first batch of North Hongkong director Jing Wong’s work over the years at the box office is quite brisk, "Macao vice" series three total box office reached 2 billion 500 million yuan, "when an industrial society progress to the well-off, when is the movie market, I happened to meet this stage comedy audience demand. Now director of the north a lot, but can make little money, because the real understanding of the law of the film business only two or three people." However, "Macao vice" reputation is not high, some people just get together some movie star, Hongkong film on the heyday of the feelings to make money selling. For these sharp comments, Jing Wong is very calm, he said he never please the critics, not even care about their point of view, than the poor, he is most afraid of is not commented, "that no one see you on behalf of the electric)相关的主题文章: