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Ji’nan young children barefoot "around the Chinese" welcome National Day – Shandong Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn September 30 Ji’nan Xinhua (Liu Qi) 29 afternoon, Ji’nan City Park Primary School Kindergarten held a national day "barefoot around the Chinese map", the children walking barefoot in the Chinese made from waste materials on the map, to to celebrate the 67th anniversary birthday of the motherland. It is reported that the kindergarten use newspaper ball, pebbles, bubble film, egg holder, carton, foam, sponge and other waste materials, to produce a variety of foot touch plate, surrounded by "China map" in the playground, and marked as part of children on behalf of provinces and cities, and the Yellow River Yangtze River two dragon. Activities began, the children led by the teacher and parents together to do a dynamic barefoot warm-up exercise, activities of each joint. Then, the children set foot on the map of China, looking for the name of the city, with light feet feel different materials of provinces and cities. "Wow, the capital Beijing is beautiful." Tibet is too high to climb over and turn over!" The children were jumping and shouting. According to the kindergarten Bi Wei, barefoot children naturally conform to the international popular love, with barefoot exercise, promote a more healthy and natural way. Stimulation of foot and leg small muscles, thereby enhancing children’s body feeling, awakening the senses, more closely connected to the earth, let the body and mind are more "down to earth", so as to improve their physique, improve children’s intelligence development. The motherland mother’s birthday in such a way to open up a fresh outlook to celebrate, environmentally friendly and healthy, the children in the harvest of knowledge at the same time, the barefoot game gained a healthy and happy, I believe that this will be the children rare childhood experience. Share to: (commissioning editor: Liu Yingjie, Hu Honglin)

济南稚童光脚丫“环游中国”迎国庆–山东频道–人民网 人民网济南9月30日电(刘祺)29日下午,济南市十亩园小学幼儿园举行迎国庆 “光脚丫环游中国地图”活动,孩子们光着脚丫行走在由废旧物品制成的中国地图上,来庆祝祖国67周年生日。 据悉,该幼儿园利用报纸球、鹅卵石、气泡膜、鸡蛋托、纸箱、泡沫、海绵等废旧材料,制作成各种脚部触感板,在操场上围成“中国地图”,并标示出幼儿熟知的部分代表省市,以及黄河长江两条巨龙。 活动开始,孩子们在老师带领下和家长一起做了动感光脚丫热身操,活动各个关节。然后,孩子们踏上 “中国地图”,寻找认识的城市名字,用光脚丫感受着不同材质的省市。“哇,首都北京真美丽” “西藏很高要爬过去翻过去!”孩子们欢腾跳跃的喊着。 据该幼儿园园长毕伟介绍,光脚丫顺应孩子天生喜欢,结合国际流行的赤足锻炼,宣扬一种更健康自然的活动方式。刺激脚部和小腿的小肌肉,从而增强幼儿肢体感觉,唤醒感官,更紧密连接大地,让我们身心灵更“接地气”,以提高幼儿体质,增进幼儿智力发育。祖国妈妈的生日用这样一种别开生面的方式来庆祝,既环保,又健康,孩子们在收获知识的同时,在光脚丫游戏中更收获了健康和快乐,相信这会是孩子们难得的童年体验。 分享到: (责编:刘颖婕、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: