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Jealous during pregnancy may aggravate heartburn! – a Sohu, maternal and child during pregnancy jealous of the benefits of the 1, add vinegar to reduce morning sickness nausea and edible food in the morning can relieve the symptoms of nausea. In addition, it can also provide extra calcium to the fetus to help baby’s teeth and bone formation and strengthening. 2, rich antioxidant vinegar contains a lot of antioxidants, can protect your cells from free radical damage. In addition, antioxidants can protect you and your baby from oxidative stress, helping to improve overall health. Pregnant women can relieve sickness. 3, good seasoning when you are pregnant, to control the daily intake of sodium is very important. But you may be craving a variety of dips or snacks, adding extra sodium, and health risks. Vinegar can increase the flavor of food, but no additional sodium. Two, what time should limit the vinegar 1, will aggravate heartburn during pregnancy eating some foods may cause heartburn. Vinegar is high acid foods, so it may cause heartburn, or aggravate your heartburn. 2, lead to poor oral drinking during pregnancy Apple Cider Vinegar has its effect, but excessive drinking will erode tooth enamel, caused by poor oral hygiene. Pregnant women have oral health problems, it may affect the baby’s health, and even premature delivery. 3, food or raw food when you eat outside, avoid eating vinegar, because you don’t know what the restaurant use vinegar add seasoning. Some raw foods, such as seafood, will be accompanied by vinegar, but you should not eat raw food during pregnancy. Three, during pregnancy can try to eat vinegar 1, grapes do sweet vinegar sweet vinegar has a strong taste, but also a little sweet seasoning. You can use it on the salad, can also be used for cooking, fried meat, but it contains high amounts of sugar, thus limiting your intake. 2 kinds of vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, white vinegar, like glutinous rice vinegar, strong acidity, but the overall effect is mild. You can put it in the soup, you can also add in fried or fried foods. 3, Apple Cider Vinegar nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar contains vitamins and minerals, you can use it to marinade or seasoning food, can also be directly diluted with water, then add a little honey drink, cold drink, excellent flavor.相关的主题文章: