Jaguar Land Rover pure electric vehicle research and development of new energy vehicles on Tesla clonecd

Jaguar Land Rover development of new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles on Tesla before there was news that Jaguar is the research and development of electric power system, and is also the same brand Land Rover hybrid system for the development and application of positive. Jaguar’s first SUV models – F-PACE it is understood that the Jaguar brand is currently developing three pure electric models, including two pure electric cars, a pure electric SUV models. Jaguar expectations of these three models is very high, they hope that the future of these three models can compete with Tesla Model S, Model X in the field of pure electric luxury car. Jaguar Land Rover Germany CEO Peter Modelhart also said in an interview, although these new models will be pure electric drive, but these new cars will still be a pure jaguar". It can be expected that these three pure electric vehicles in the performance will give us a surprise. The 2017 Land Rover Range Rover (ginseng, pictures, SV Autobiography inquiry) and Land Rover will focus most of the research and application of hybrid power system, the current market in Europe, the range rover models has launched a hybrid system of V6 diesel engine equipped with a motor of the vehicle, the future of this hybrid system is expected to be more widely applied to more models. So far, we have been able to clearly see the development of new energy vehicles, Land Rover Jaguar Jaguar brand of the main ideas, pure electric field, and Land Rover as the market positioning of SUV cars and off-road vehicles is the main field of hybrid expert. No matter is the brand force of new energy vehicle market, or targeting the current benchmark products, Model X Tesla Model S, show the Jaguar Land Rover for the new energy vehicle market attention, also shows the confidence and determination of a world in the field of hard work, the Jaguar Land Rover can bring what kind of product for us. Let us wait and see.相关的主题文章: