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Is the most simple pasta sauce, but the taste is excellent! – Sohu sometimes eat lazy, do not want to do anything, but still hungry, how to do! Eat noodles is the best choice to get a half a catty of tangent plane, channeling a little soy sauce, vegetables, eat together, so the United States and the United states! What is this channeling, is Beijing, is the son of sauce noodles, channeling here mainly refers to the special easy to do that like noodles with gravy halogen, generally not called channeling, because that is very troublesome, mainly to do the basic pasta sauce juice called channeling, do not. Talk about channeling son, talk to you about channeling! Look at the menu with more convenient mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, the number of public concern WeChat I can also search for WeChat public number: "Luo Shengtang" I will release the latest recipes on the WeChat public number in the latest events and my personal micro signal: LHEROW talk: Ingredients: Twenty grams of soy sauce shrimp Peake pepper grain amount or shallot chopped green onion green onion, put in a bowl, scalded with boiling water poured out of the water immediately put the amount of oil reserve in wok, first under fire hot pepper, pepper became red brown when, under the shrimp stir fry until golden brown sauce immediately burst off the fire, then poured into the green onion bowl, the channeling of children do the best to postscript: onion scalded with boiling water, it can be To the hot spicy onion to the gas, the taste will become soft, this is very important. Don’t fry pepper paste, oil temperature should be slightly higher, it broke down to soy sauce aroma, taste of the soy sauce removed, can also put a little less sugar, it will be more subdued. Shrimp and chopped green onion pepper, taste together or fragrant, do not believe you do smell my first delicacy book, I hope you love!相关的主题文章: