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Is milk really overcapacity? It’s all too much import! – Financial – over the weekend to go to the supermarket to buy some yogurt, milk that discounts on a bit, as a brand of yogurt, the retail price of less than 4 yuan, buy one get one. Coincidentally, a newspaper reported yesterday, through the investigation on the Shandong Weifang Ginza supermarket, found on the mid autumn season, milk prices have played a promotional advertising: half price sale, buy send. Mid Autumn Festival Promotion, perhaps just a representation. Some analysts believe that a deeper reason is that the domestic dairy industry after more than ten years of rapid development, production capacity reached saturation. Look at a set of data. According to the "2015 Chinese Rural Statistical Yearbook" disclosure, China milk output in 2000 was only 9 million 191 thousand tons, 4 million 694 thousand cows, but fifteen years later, China’s milk production reached 38 million 702 thousand tons in 2015, up to 15 million 70 thousand head of dairy cows. In 2015, the output of dairy, raw milk and dairy products ranked the third in the world. With the current domestic demand level, the supply is basically saturated. However, the import of milk powder industry on the impact of menacing, should not be underestimated. China Dairy Association organized the compilation of "China dairy quality report (2016)" pointed out that with the import of milk invasion and international milk prices continued to decline, the emergence of new problems Chinese dairy industry. Customs statistics show that in 2016 January to June total imports of 407 thousand and 800 tons of milk, an increase of 18.6%; imports 314 thousand tons of liquid milk, an increase of 77.55%. So, is the life of the related enterprises better? Erie shares in 2016 semi annual report in a statement may be able to find some answer: at present, the international dairy market demand downturn, overcapacity in the global dairy industry, supply of raw milk prices fell, compared with the domestic raw milk prices, foreign milk prices more competitive, leading to the domestic dairy import scale. So, can we understand that, due to the excessive international dairy industry, a large number of dairy products low impact on the domestic market, resulting in excess production of raw milk?. Of course, there are still many problems to be solved in the development of dairy industry in china. As the Ministry of agriculture minister Han Changfu held in the days before the Chinese dairy industry 20 strong peaks and the revitalization of the dairy industry said the conference, Chinese industry big but not strong, there is not high degree of standardization, the production cost is high, and the lack of breeding and processing from the profit mechanism is stable, the brand is not loud, lack of competitiveness of enterprises industry brand. Especially under the impact of imports and consumption not prosperous, face milk sales difficult, low price, and reduce the farmers’ income increase in business inventories and other outstanding issues. (Zhu Baochen) (: Prince Yang Di Hou, commissioning editor)

牛奶真的“产能过剩”?都是进口太多惹的祸!–财经–人民网   上周末去超市买了点酸奶,发现牛奶的打折力度有点大,如某品牌的老酸奶,零售价不到4元,买一送一。   无独有偶,昨日本报的一则报道,通过对山东潍坊银座超市的调查,发现为迎战中秋消费旺季,乳企纷纷打出促销广告:半价销售、买就送。   迎中秋促销,或许只是一个表象。有分析认为,更深层次的一个原因,是国内乳业经过十几年的高速发展,产能达到饱和。   来看一组数据。据《2015中国农村统计年鉴》披露,2000年我国鲜奶产量只有919.1万吨,奶牛469.4万头,但十五年后,2015年我国鲜奶产量已达到3870.2万吨,奶牛达到1507万头。   2015年,我国存栏奶牛、生鲜乳和乳制品产量位居世界第三位。以目前国内需求水平来说,供给基本饱和。   但是,进口奶粉来势汹汹,对行业产生的冲击不容小觑。中国奶业协会组织编写的《中国奶业质量报告(2016)》指出,随着进口奶的侵袭以及国际奶价的持续走低,中国奶业出现了新的隐忧。   海关统计数据显示,2016年1月份至6月份共进口奶粉40.78万吨,同比增加18.6%;进口液态奶31.4万吨,同比增加77.55%。   那么,相关企业的日子好过吗?伊利股份在2016年半年报中的一番表述或许能找到些许答案:当前,国际乳品市场需求增长低迷,全球乳业产能过剩,原料奶供应价格同比下滑,与国内原料奶价格相比,国外奶价更具竞争力,导致国内乳品进口规模扩大。   那么,我们是否可以理解为,由于国际奶业过剩,大量乳品低价冲击国内市场,致使国内原料奶产量过剩。   当然,我国奶业想要发展,还有不少问题需要解决。就像农业部部长韩长赋在日前举行的中国奶业20强峰会暨奶业振兴大会上所言,中国奶业仍然“大而不强”,存在标准化程度不高、生产成本偏高,养殖加工脱节、缺乏稳定的利益联结机制,品牌不响亮、缺少有竞争力的企业品牌等。尤其是当前受进口冲击和消费不旺影响,面临奶价低、销售难、奶农收入减少、企业库存增多等突出问题。(朱宝琛) (责编:王子侯、杨迪)相关的主题文章: