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IPhone can diagnose cancer? American scholars do the mobile laboratory of Tencent technology news is always in apple as everyone knows, apple and apple in the mobile phone to explore the table movement, health, medical field for further use, after Apple launched the HealthKit platform, can be combined with external equipment, collecting more personal health information, and also the external and hospital for medical research cooperation. According to the latest report, Washington State University, a research team, the use of Apple’s mobile phone camera and other functions, to build a fast moving "laboratory", can quickly and accurately diagnose a number of types of cancer. In the future, the research team will be able to achieve all of Apple’s smart phones can be used to build mobile labs. According to the U.S. science and technology news website 9to5mac reported that the leader of this study is associate professor Lei Li. Based on the Mobile Lab of Apple mobile phone, we can quickly analyze different samples, which greatly improves the accuracy of the diagnosis of cancer. The research team recently published some research results on the official website of Washington State University. Allegedly, the portable laboratory. They can detect human interleukin -6 in vivo, which is a marked significance substance that exists in the human body, lung, chest, liver and other organs, to determine whether there is a sign of human cancer. The mobile laboratory used in Apple’s mobile phone, also need to use spectrometer technology. U.S. media pointed out that this research will bring enormous changes in the world’s cancer disputes and research. The device can be used not only in hospitals and clinics in the United States, but also because it is so portable that it can be used in some remote areas where it has been largely impossible to achieve accurate cancer diagnosis. The above scholars have successfully applied for patent. He said that through the eight channel spectrometer, they can analyze eight samples in the same experiment, it will greatly improve the efficiency of. The scholar’s Mobile Lab, before the use of Apple’s iPhone 5 phone, he is being modified, so that all the smart phones are used for the purpose of this mobile laboratory. Extended video (this video has nothing to do with the original text, for reference only) iPhone 8 concept design without borders all over the screen相关的主题文章: