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Inventory gains gratifying eight assets in addition to buy a house you have a lot of choice Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: melt 360 for everyone to take stock of this year’s most amazing variety of assets, while a simple analysis of the future trend of these assets, for your reference. Black series of goods black goods (including steel) this year, the performance of the sense of the people outside, if you start from the beginning of the relevant subject matter, then basically more than 50% of the proceeds. Among them, the yield of coking coal is reached 70%. In fact, the author is not optimistic about the beginning of the black line and steel products, after all, there is a huge excess capacity. However, with the nationwide expansion to production, to the inventory activities related to coal and steel industry as a key object of supervision is to carry out a lot of production, limited production, eliminate backward production capacity measures, which eased the relationship between supply and demand. At the same time, these goods have been at a low level, the power of the short gradually dried up, so the upward momentum appears to be relatively strong. In addition, the continued easing of monetary policy also provides a good objective environment for the recovery of prices of commodities such as black. But for the afternoon, due to the recent overcapacity industry profits generally begin to return to production, inventory, measures are expected to be some resistance, at the same time as the black rose and other goods recently too amazing, relatively large risk exists, it is not recommended to the allocation of such assets. Shares hit new shares unbeaten myth continues in this year, 101 new shares rose 279% on average, the Huafeng listed shares in July 14th with the 23 word board in 2016 the shares yield top. The shares yield dramatically for many reasons, mainly: 1) at present in our country listed companies, but the actual IPO of the company is still limited, which resulted in IPO Lake phenomenon; 2) in the loose monetary environment under the condition of the funds for the quality of assets for striking shares has always been good the rate of return to attract a lot of money, which further improves the stock return rate; 3) hype wave hit the general situation, only shares have not been too many restrictions, so to promote the new shares to increase the rate of return. Looking ahead, before the NDRC official website issued a message "multi pronged approach to reduce the cost of financing", which mainly refers to improve the proportion of direct financing, while the SFC IPO trial frequency up signs, which shows that the A shares of IPO will further open the future. If so, then it will definitely affect the yield of new shares. The author suggests, wording change time IPO on the frequency file the Commission and the relevant departments, make preparations for prevention. But in the short term or the current IPO is the most secure and high rate of return on asset allocation, the allocation of new shares in addition to their own shares can also be added to the allocation of a number of new types of funds to improve the rate of return. Gold gold as the best hedge相关的主题文章: