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Interview | Yin Qi Feng: KIA brand – to deepen the reform of Sohu in China (the car car Sohu Yang Yanan) "I China market is still not enough to understand." In September 13th, Beijing KIA, Dongfeng Yueda deputy general manager and sales of the Department of the minister Yin Qifeng said that this sentence of auto Sohu. The distance to the Dongfeng Yueda KIA his new post, has been in the past 8 months. Rather than just became a media interview every rhythm "Korean style discreet," at this time of Yin Qifeng has shown more affinity. Although still modestly calls himself "don’t know China", but his pronunciation was Chinese has become more standard: "but our management team are very understanding China market, I have to do is listen to their opinions." He changed the subject. The Dongfeng Yueda KIA are changing, Yin Qifeng believes the changes are not only the replacement of the leadership, but the profound occurs in the internal enterprise system. "To provide better support to dealers, to provide consumers with better products and services, which is the purpose of change." He said, "as a long-term goal is to make KIA become Dongfeng Yueda China consumers trust and love of a brand." The first step in Yin Qifeng’s thinking is to understand China’s consumer culture, grasp the young Chinese consumers. It is precisely because there are so many young people, China can have such vitality, this is not to be ignored." Yin Qifeng said to the author of such a sentence. I do not know ‘heroes Union’ we are old, a new generation of KX3 in marketing, the choice of the popular online games, the League of heroes, the full sponsorship of its global finals and all star game. Car companies hand popular game, this cross-border integration has been rare. Even for the KIA brand, had also been more interested in sponsorship of the European Cup, super bowl of such sports events. When the marketing team in the end of such a program to Yin Qifeng in front of him, he felt a little confused. Although young people in South Korea are also keen on the "hero alliance", but Yin Qifeng also did not understand the game. He held a meeting, a survey has been done to the management team, the understanding of "hero alliance" is only a handful of people. "We don’t know the League of heroes!" Yin Qifeng made such a feeling, "Chinese young people love this game, we do not know what young people love, we are not able to have contact with them, how can I do that?" So this cross-border marketing activities came into being. It is reported that the old section of KX3 customers, 44% of which are at the age of 25 to the age of 30. Thus, Yin Qifeng will be the new KX3 customer is defined as 20 year old young people, through the "cool" theme, to fit the products with the spirit of the times. The sponsor "hero alliance" is just the beginning, the follow-up of Dongfeng Yueda KIA will also launch a series of online and offline activities, real and young people to go to play "". A series of changes in the product is also to cater to the preferences of young consumers." Yin Qifeng think, KX3 is Dongfeng Yueda KIA youth oriented field相关的主题文章: