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Causes Of Insomnia. Signs To Look For By: Carl Spencer | Sep 26th 2007 – Millions of people suffer from insomnia. It is a .mon disease that has been around for ages. However, this doesn’t make it any easier to deal with, especially since doctors are just beginning to understand this disease. The most important detail in treating this condition is learning the causes of insomnia. Tags: Causes Of Insomnia By: Brad Martinson | Aug 20th 2007 – Sleep is meant to revive us and get us ready to live for another day. The inability to sleep – also called insomnia – affects approximately 40 percent of women and 30 percent of men. Tags: Are You Not Asleep – You Must Have Insomnia By: Steve Simpson | Aug 13th 2007 – I have suffered from Insomnia in the past, and if you have to then you know its more than just lack of sleep, or not falling asleep quickly. Insomnia can potentially take over your life if you let it, and it can make it seem like there is no choice in the matter. You can protect yourself against it though, it is never too l … Tags: Ignoring Insomnia Today Could Lead To Problems Of Anxiety Tomorrow By: Don Saunders | Jul 26th 2007 – Doctors have puzzled for years over the link between chronic insomnia and anxiety and depression but, at long last, we may finally have discovered the link. Tags: Facts About Insomnia Amazing Tips To Conquer Insomnia By: Michael Lee | Jul 5th 2007 – These facts about insomnia can give you a better understanding of the condition and direct you or your loved ones to the right insomnia treatment. More than just a sleep disorder, it can greatly affect quality of life; that’s why it is vital to know these facts about insomnia. Tags: Insomnia In Teenagers How To Help Your Teens Conquer Insomnia By: Michael Lee | Jul 4th 2007 – Sleeplessness or problems sleeping among teenagers may not appear serious at first, but insomnia in teenagers is very much a reality. In a study particularly among US teens, more than 90% reported having problems sleeping at least twice per week within the past year. For some, insomnia seemed chronic and recurrent, beginnin … Tags: Can’t Sleep? Cures For Insomnia By: Christopher Jay | Jul 2nd 2007 – If you’re one of the millions of people who can’t sleep, remember that insomnia itself is not a disease. Rather, it is a symptom that something else is going on for the person who is experiencing insomnia. Tags: What Exactly Is Insomnia Hypnosis? By: Dane Bergen | Jun 29th 2007 – Insomnia hypnosis can cure even the worst insomnia. There are many causes of insomnia, ranging from stress to poor brain wave functioning. You see, we go to sleep when the brain goes from BETA brain waves to ALPHA waves, this is when your in that dreamy state, where your sort of half asleep. Tags: Can A Hypnotist Help Me Solve My Insomnia? By: Carol Bell | Jun 3rd 2007 – Experts tell us we need an average of eight hours sleep per night in order to function properly. As I lay in the darkness, night after night watching as the clock gradually ticks away the hours, the room slowly filling with light as night turns to day I wonder why I suffer from Insomnia and if I can solve the problem. Tags: Insomnia And Hypnosis By: Richard MacKenzie | May 9th 2007 – Insomnia is the condition that keeps people from getting valuable sleep each and every night. Sleep is more valuable than most people realize, as it not only helps you recharge your energy, but allows the body to heal from the day before. Without the proper sleep schedule, the body does not function at its most efficient le … Tags: How To Cure Insomnia By: Richard MacKenzie | Apr 23rd 2007 – Night after night, city after city, country after country and continent after continent people the world over are still suffering at the hands of that age old sleeping disorder of insomnia. Laying awake at night and finding it really difficult to just clear their minds and drift off to sleep. Does this sound familiar to yo … Tags: Insomnia Cure : Hypnosis For Insomnia By: Richard MacKenzie | Apr 19th 2007 – Do you crave and really need a decent nights sleep? Do you find yourself laying awake night after night in your hopeless attempts to get a sound amount of slumber? Do you find yourself nodding off in the day because you are not getting your 8 hours a night? If you are then you are probably suffering at the hands of insomnia … Tags: Sporadic Fatal Insomnia By: Peter Coughlin | Apr 17th 2007 – Insomnia is a difficult condition for anyone to deal with at the best of times, but there is a variation of insomnia called sporadic fatal insomnia. It’s an extremely a rare condition which physically affects an individuals ability to sleep. It does this to such an extent that every known case has proven fatal. Tags: insomnia, fatal, sleep The Link Between Cherries And Insomnia By: Jonathan Townsend | Mar 25th 2007 – The various medical studies about the properties of cherries have shown significant proof that cherries could be one key to curing insomnia. Usually reserved as a pie filling or the topper for an ice cream sundae, cherries offer so much more for insomnia sufferers. Research has proven a very beneficial link between cherri … Tags: Many People Over Look The Obvious When Searching For Insomnia Remedies By: Ann Marier | Mar 6th 2007 – If you suffer from insomnia, you know it’s a miserable condition that can drive you to distraction. Insomnia is an inability to fall asleep normally, over a prolonged period. There are many possible causes, including diabetes, lung or heart disease and sleep apnea. Although there are several natural remedies that may bring … Tags: Taking A Look At The Cause Of Insomnia By: Miles Jacobs | Dec 11th 2006 – Insomnia is the sleeping syndrome that creates a problem with getting any sleep at night. Many suffer from it, some not getting any sleep for days. If you are one of them, you may find it keeps you up all night, trying and wishing you may sleep. Tags: How To Treat Anxiety And Insomnia Together By: Dr. April Davall | Dec 8th 2006 – If you find yourself lying awake every night worrying about not being well rested for the next day, you may have a .bination of anxiety and insomnia. Both problems are capable of causing the other problem. Just as the two can occur together, they can also be treated together. Learning about Anxiety and Inso … Tags: Is Insomnia Causing Your Sleepness Nights? By: Jerry Cahill | Nov 30th 2006 – Have you heard of insomnia? It may be causing you your restless nights. Tags: Fighting Anxiety And Insomnia Together By: Clive Jenkins | Nov 25th 2006 – When it .es to sleep disorders, Insomnia often is the first to .e to mind. Often caused by stress from the many areas of life (relationships, finances, future outlook; both at work and at home), though it can also result from medication prescribed by physicians for other conditions and anxiety as well. Tags: 8 Simple Remedies To Beat Insomnia By: Susan Jan | Sep 12th 2006 – Insomnia affects millions around the world. Sleep is fundamental to every human being for a healthy way of life. Without regular sleep, people are not able to function properly. Some may only need a few hours of sleep a night, but most generally need a minimum of eight hours to function properly during the day, without whic … Tags: Insomnia – Hypnosis And Other Cures By: Alan B. Densky | Aug 20th 2006 – Insomnia is one of the more .mon symptoms of stress and depression. Whether you have a hard time falling asleep, or you fall asleep promptly and then awaken later and are unable to fall back to sleep, you have insomnia. THERE ARE FOUR TYPES OF INSOMNIA PSYCHO-REACTIVE INSOMNIA: This is caused … Tags: Finding The Cause Of Insomnia Can Be Almost As Difficult As Dealing With It. By: Holly Dodd | Jul 3rd 2006 – Insomnia is basically a person’s lack of ability to get good nights sleep for days and weeks on end. When don’t get a good night’s rest, it’s near impossible to perform your daily duties. Taking an afternoon nap seems to be all you think of. Even if you do take set aside a few minutes for a nap, you can be so stressed out y … Tags: Insomnia – The Inability To Sleep By: Heather Colman | Jul 2nd 2006 – Insomnia is characterized by an inability to sleep and/or to remain asleep for a reasonable period. One who suffers from insomnia will typically .plain of being unable to close their eyes or "rest their mind" for more than a few minutes at a time. Tags: Insomnia Through Trauma? By: Codi Morieta | Apr 14th 2006 – Many people are suffering insomnia directly from trauma. Since the September 11 ordeal, millions of people each day are finding it difficult to rest. Some are trapped in the 2000 ordeal and are having difficulty leaving the past behind, while others are direct victims of the attack and suffering insomnia while they fight to … Tags: Natural Ways To Treat Insomnia By: Gray Rollins | Mar 25th 2006 – Although it"��s quite .mon for most people to have an occasional sleepless night, lack of sleep on a regular basis can be disturbing. This is insomnia. Insomnia can leave you feeling tired and groggy throughout the day. It also causes psychological and physiological damage to the body. Before you look for a natural treatm … Tags: 相关的主题文章: