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Industry sources: cross-strait enterprises by The Belt and Road "to expand the market – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Chen Xiaoyuan) in November 2, more than in Beijing to attend the peaceful development of cross-strait forum industry said 2 people," The Belt and Road "provides opportunities for the development of Taiwan funded enterprises, two enterprises can work together to shore and jointly explore the international market. Around the "new economic development and cross-strait cooperation in seminar, the State Council Development Research Center, Party members, office director Yu Bin believes that, the implementation of the" The Belt and Road ", will open up a new space for development for Taiwan funded enterprises to upgrade the. In the process of opening to the outside world, the mainland will further open the financial, education, health care, culture, sports and other services, which also provide advantages for Taiwan funded enterprises to play advantage. The United China industrial economy will be the president of the Bureau, the chairman of Chinese building materials group Song Zhiping believes that investment in the mainland and Taiwan enterprises to participate in the "two aspects of The Belt and Road" together, cross-strait business cooperation, to jointly explore the international market. Yin Cunyi, executive vice president of the Taiwan Institute of Tsinghua University, a long-term study of cross-strait economic issues, pointed out that cross-strait economic cooperation on the whole has shifted from trade complementarity to economic, industrial integration. In Taiwan to participate in the "The Belt and Road", we should make a concrete plan. How to grasp the "The Belt and Road" business opportunities for Taiwan enterprises, the Taiwan compatriots Investment Enterprises Association honorary president Ding Kunhua believes that the Taiwan enterprises can focus on some of the mainland ports near the industrial zone in the export processing industry. At the same time, it can also increase investment in the logistics trade park, financial support and other areas. A total of more than 40 experts and scholars on both sides of the day to discuss economic issues. Chinese KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu to attend discussions after the respondents said, "The Belt and Road", "13th Five-Year" planning and the establishment of a free trade zone, is a very good idea. The new construction and the opportunity, I hope the two sides can join, cooperation is the common aspirations of all. (end)相关的主题文章: