India, The New Destination For Luxury Holiday

Travel-and-Leisure India reared a considerable number of bohemian hipsters during the sixties and the seventies; that mysterious sort who followed the hippie trail all the way to the Orient with nothing but ecstasy in their minds and beards on their faces and also very little money in their pockets. India also breeds an incredible number of pilgrims each year, most belonging to the low income bracket of society; the devoted ones who make their way across the country to those places where it is that they seek solace, choosing spirituality over savings. India tours? Well, theyve always been popular. Not to mention cheap. Luxury holiday packages in India… they seem just a little bit out of place in this milieu, perhaps? Think again! India may be one of the most affordable places in the world to tramp around with a backpack, but it is also the land of maharajas, houseboats, The Taj Mahal and a hotel built dead centre in one of the countrys most beautiful lakes. Theres a thing or two that India can teach the world about living it up in style, so if youre looking to splurge on an excessive vacation, sign up for a lesson in luxury, the Indian way. Here are a few essentials to experience: The Lake Palace, Udaipur If you thought European hotels were plush, The Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur will definitely set you revaluating your notions of luxury. Built in 1746 and originally christened Jag Niwas, the Taj Lake Palace Hotel is only a small, but breathtaking, part of the legacy of the Royal Dynasty of Mewar. Now a fully functional hotel, the Maharaja Suite costs well over Rs. 3,00,000 a night! Goa Over the years, from the 1960s right up to the 2010s, Goa has become and remained the quintessential Indian holiday hotspot. Dont be fooled by its popularity among college students, though, because Goa offers enough to keep even the slickest corporate jet setters excited. Exclusive outdoor clubs, an almost incalculable number of five-start resorts and luxury cruises all make up the Goa experience. Goa is also home to Asias biggest electronic dance music festival, Sunburn, every December. Kerala Weve all heard about deluxe suites, but how about a luxury hotel room that also doubles up as a fully functional boat? Take a trip on one of Keralas distinctive houseboats and live life on the backwaters of the Venice of the East. Personal butlers make the sure the galley is well stocked and the beds are made, while being sufficiently invisible to give you all the privacy you need. Heavy on the wallet, but equally so on the luxury factor! So, India tours arent just about being economical, it turns out. And while not everyone can afford to go all out on their credit cards, everyone deserves to let loose once in a while. No better means of doing so than a luxury holiday package to India! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: