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"In the late Qing Dynasty: from the late Qing courtesan behind the business community complex insider – Sohu: basic information reading first pages + an   Title:" in the late Qing Dynasty; Author: Cai Dengshan Ke Jisheng press: Beijing Publishing House: 2016-8-15 brief introduction: the author excels at the end of the Qing Dynasty and works. This book is his latest masterpiece, in the late Qing Dynasty famous Kabuki Yang Cuixi as the main line, back " " sound complex relationship with the late Qing Dynasty; from all walks of life, including politics, literature and so on, shopping malls. The rich historical materials, delicate description, as a kind of late Qing Dynasty history. The truth of Chen Zishan’s history lies in details. With new photos, files, diaries, this book made to re sort the many events and characters of the whirling historical issues to research. The situation in the late Qing Dynasty and characters to further clarify its features in this book, it is worth reading every reader interested in history. Jiang Ming: this book is Mr. Cai to the north people throughout, but with the "monitoring report of tenderness, Yan trace" as the distinctive. In fact, I always feel the vicissitudes of life and history being lonely is Mr. Cai intention. While or because of this, the paper not only romantic pages with beautiful music, more deep under the situation with the Empire que ruinate bleak wind dejected. Dong Botao is Mr. Cai Dengshan’s new book, the author uses a similar documentary style, chapter Laixu said Guangxu thirty years before and after the historical events and historical figures. The "generation" of a "masterpiece" the two chapter study by lotus lotus expert Dr. Ke Jisheng writing, the incisive argument, and he will cherish it for decades for the first time publicly Yang Cuixi photos. The author from the photo to the interpretation of Yang Cuixi and its relationship with "reding Zhengchao", pulling out between Yuan Shikai and Yikuang, Qu Hongji and Cen Chunxuan two factions of political confrontation, showing the constitutionalists and revolutionaries of the political landscape. You talk about the male, abandon to make groundless accusations that we carefully study, based on reading a lot of poems, letters, reports, notes, journals, Memoirs of the late Qing Dynasty, the political situation of the late Qing Dynasty was small but complete combing, to restore a true history of the scene. Author: Cai Dengshan, born in 1954, the famous literature writer, former teachers, television screenwriter, and film company manager in Springfield. Indulge in the movie and modern literature, the author of "Lu Xun" loved "the legend of Eileen Chang" to "the Republic of China figure: seeking for the lost past" "" literati "look in unconventional ways of scholars who: from Eileen Chang to Du Yuesheng". Ke Di, born in 1956, internationally renowned surgeon. Broadcom ancient books, knowledge profound, especially on the lotus culture devoted great attention. The hidden lotus three thousand pieces of relics and literature, and from anthropology, psychology, and anatomy and physiology are proficient in the perspective of research for collectors and research home lotus culture important today. [a] an open content: women first Yang act.相关的主题文章: