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There are hundreds of micro nano satellite — technology — original title: future every year hundreds of micro nano satellite technology daily Beijing on 31 August, the next year (reporter Fu Yifei) director of Micro Satellite Engineering Laboratory of Shaanxi province in 31 in Beijing revealed that China has formed a series of flying cubic star standard, annual production capacity up to 10 – 20. At present, there are 10 cubic stars in the study, of which 2 will be launched during the year. In response to the urgent needs of the community for small satellites and the need for international cooperation, experts called for the development of small satellite technology management standards should be tightened. Said the 2016 China small satellite technology and Standardization Forum held in the week in 31 days, compared to the traditional commercial satellite platform and the industrial chain of high cost, has formed a series of flying star 1U, cubic 2U, 3U, 6U, 12U satellite platform, has more than 20 kinds of standard components and external component general. It has the advantage in the cost, customization, development cycle, production capacity etc.. He predicted that in the next few years there will be 300 to 500 micro nano satellite (mass of between 1 – 50 kg) was launched into orbit, which will include a large number of cubic stars. Deng Zhongliang, executive vice president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Institute of science and technology development, the current satellite shows the field of miniaturization and micromation, practical application ability, comprehensive, three-dimensional trend track; standardization is the realization of small satellite real-time "plug and play" based, short-term, temporary emergency task. Liu Jing, deputy director of the National Space Agency space debris monitoring and Application Center, said the small satellite legislation has become a hot issue in the field of international space. In order to comply with more stringent space debris mitigation requirements, China should step up research and development of small satellite design operation and disposal of technical management standards. China Aerospace Science and technology group, said Yang Duo, Deputy Minister of quality and technology, after 60 years of development, China has formed a relatively complete standard system of space, but there are still problems. For example, there is a lack of technical standards for aerospace applications, satellite applications have long been in the stage of scientific research and experimental application, can not meet the needs of a wide range of diverse social needs. At the same time, the lack of standards for innovation and development, and some new concepts, new technology, new product development requirements. In addition, the current standard is relatively closed, does not meet the needs of international cooperation. To this end, aerospace science and Technology Group decided to set up a standard China space technology and application field of the United Association, space technology and application of related enterprises, institutions and social groups, is committed to promoting the construction of space technology application standards; innovative development of space technology, promote related technologies, products and services to the market and to promote Aerospace Engineering; the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, and the application of the results of the export and transformation, to achieve international standards. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: