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In the face of friends accused Ge day Liu Xiang is a liar? The Sina entertainment column boiled the land of oyster recently, a suspected Liu Xiang proposed video outflow. In the video Liu Xiang joy to embrace his girlfriend Wu Sha, plus the previous two people were repeatedly exposed finger suspected wedding photos, made a lot of friends shouted, "Liu Xiang seems almost a good thing". However, according to the "Wuhan morning news" reported that Liu Xiang said in an interview that he had been asked to marry Wu Sha, the two have been married. Liu Xiang is happy, but his ex-wife GeTian still netizens hold earlier, though there have been rumors that the Ge day by false pregnancy lied to Liu Xiang married, but she has always denied. 16, Ge day forwarded commented a netizen about its false pregnancy Pianhun at micro-blog, and Liu Xiang fame bundled consumer message, Ge day wrote: "everyone knows whom that can speak out? Since you told me so, please stand up and say the parties dignified and imposing a sentence! To heaven and earth to the truth of my conscience, I am innocent. All the people will have the reward of pseudopregnancy!" Then GeTian users continue to turn! The morning of September 17th, Ge day reply netizen "without Liu Xiang, who knows your name GeTian" comments: "this world more beautiful eyes and hearts would not have so many bad things happen… Girl, for you, I have been unable to talk about the logic of logic." In the face of this story really makes people want to continue reading interest, as everyone knows, Liu Xiang as the achievements of the athletes is obvious to people, if he is Chinese athletics career has made great contributions to it too. But the scene in 2008 that is still very memorable, is that after he began to decline, the same, is the experience and rumors that one let his reputation is not so good, even by many people accused of fraud. Compared to the "big lie", to deceive the Ge day things that simply not worth mentioning, it is also the case, when on the Internet because of the "false pregnancy Pianhun" was exposed after the divorce, she said "I reply directly to the rumor, fake". GeTian also suspected innuendo Liu Xiang and Wu Sha, in a netizen said in reply "responsible to tell you what did you ask, what do the two athletes." Spearhead not only pointing to her ex husband Liu Xiang, also pointed to Wu Sha, two people suspected of suggesting that she had done something sorry. And there are users guess she is also suggested that the two had derailed. Ge day at noon yesterday to update micro-blog regrets: before the avalanche did not feel like a snowflake." Please use the language, because People will talk. How many people take the "network" of cheap but cast his malice? To cover the windows of the soul’s open, let the sun shine in." Now Liu Xiang is married with fame and fortune, and had a woman? It is said that it is also looking for a new boyfriend, but it is estimated to be far away from marriage. Do not know if you find no, often in the divorce of this matter, the woman is a scapegoat, to be accused of the object, it is really fair? Liu Xiang is a great player, but he is a competent husband, really do not say. There is a saying相关的主题文章: