In July and she notice Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun acting outbreak (video)-dataload

"In July and she" notice Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun acting broke out in July and still "exposure" wind play version of the trailer is like the Mid Autumn Festival the first film Tencent word-of-mouth entertainment news by Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, and the 1 day Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and still" from the September 14th National release. Recently, the film side exposed the "wind play" version of the trailer, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun love to kill, yiyanbuge clothes directly opposite, intense physical conflict and the profound emotional tears mingled, most incisive interpretation of the collision, sister Biao play show "best actress" direct visual experience. The film "July" and "she" is different from the previous film bestie tear forced self fighting and reconciliation, more netizens praised the "create a surprise bestie against new wind". Love to kill Dongyu Zhou, Marx said not tear Biao play clothes from the newly released "wind play version" trailer "included a" peace "(Dongyu Zhou) and" July "(Ma Sichun) a conflict in the male protagonist Su Jiaming bathroom. In the face of drunken vomiting "she", "July" to open the shower, Nalian pengtou suddenly poured their head, more emotional direct clothes "demonstration", "you don’t pretend", "no one love you" and so on after the stage, let this bestie between fighting lethality index surged. Director Derek Tsang in an interview on this show full of praise, said: "this movie shoot later feel two girls directly into the ‘wind play’, presentation of the final image to see it fully and delightfully!" In the September 11th premiere conference, this impressive "wind play conflict" has repeatedly been talked about the audience. About shooting the conflicting feelings, Dongyu Zhou said: "this movie makes me feel directly to a good ‘opponent’ how important it is to read the script, just do not know how to look, but with Ma Sichun, a lot of emotional things will come out." And Ma Sichun is admitted that the beginning of his body is not enough to want to take off, but later to the feelings that have come, they want to take off." July "the tear forced ventilation to the Sandra Ng sisters" puffy eyes claiming to be "acting newcomer" movie "in July and she" adapted from the Chinese youth literature of Qing Shan (baby Anne) the originator of the famous novel of the same name, tells the story of "peace" and "July" from the beginning of 1997 met, the fetters of more than ten years of growth story. A lot of space between the original version of the film, adding lots of emotional conflicts in the adaptation of the story, "peace" and "July" is no longer as in the original single character. "Well behaved" July "Ma Sichun will be emotional control, clothes roar, rebellious became silent, quiet panic. In this regard, producer Peter Chan said, "will have a" July "and a" quiet "everyone’s eyes, no single absolute, these two characters now, July there’s a little quiet, quiet a bit inside July, will make people more and more three-dimensional full." Baby Anne is after seeing the movie, will explain the relationship between the two girls for the movie: "in July and is the two peace of mind is self, self confrontation and reconciliation." They not.相关的主题文章: