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In an "artifact" running punch tricks supervision students running legs will be thicker? Our coach answer doubts (editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, for further reading) students are running clock Dayang days ago, Dongguan University of Technology City College (hereinafter referred to as the "city school") a running punch "artifact" installed on the playground, students are required to run at least 24 times before December 30th, boy every time run 1000 meters, each girls run 800 meters, in order to urge the students to exercise. These artifacts can be used to analyze the data you are walking or running, if you walk, the data will be interrupted. How about the implementation of the artifact? Recently, the reporter went to the school for the evening of the two day observation that many students brush card, and not running, but leisurely walking, some students go directly to the playground diagonal, in order to reduce the distance, as well as students holding more than one campus card who ran. Some students said that even some people by bike instead of running. For the emergence of lazy students, the school official said, the machine set the running limit time, more than the standard will not be included in the running times. On behalf of the running of the situation, he hoped that students can be for their own sake, consciously abide by the rules of running. Rule: before the end of each person needs to run 24 times artifact how to monitor? On the playground of the city college, a total of 2 sets of such a distance meter, a group of 10, divided into 2 groups on the diagonal of the playground. Students in one side of the brush after the campus card or enter the card number sign in the scene photographed the big head, went to the diagonal of the instrument, the need to sign again, in order to monitor the students run the whole. In accordance with the provisions of the school, the running program only for a sophomore boys, you need to run 1000 meters, on the way out of 5 times, each time the girls run 800 meters, 4 times on the way out. By December 30th, the 24 boys need to run 1000 meters, 24 meters and 800 girls need to run. Each card need to confirm the card successfully can continue to run, otherwise invalid. Every brush card, the instrument will display the number of semester exercise. According to Xing Honglin, director of the school sports teaching, running artifact, in fact, known as sunshine long-distance running system, the school launched a sunshine running program, a total investment of about 380 thousand yuan. Xing Honglin said that in recent years the school sports department found that the students sports ability is not satisfactory, some students even a run on the injured, without asthma, sometimes PE teacher of run, but some students paozhaopaozhe don’t know where to go. According to the national sports testing standards, boys and girls were 1000 m and 800 m running test. Taking into account the needs of students to exercise their heart and lung function, last year we hit this report, the school after the installation of these sunshine running system." Scene: the student run full of tricks recently, reporters for two consecutive days in the evening of 5 to the school playground uninterrupted observation for 1 hours. Approaching the school sports meeting, the playground there are students in the training of running, jumping higher competitions, there are people playing football on the grass, a lot of students alone or in twos and threes about to come running. In order to cope with the learning situation相关的主题文章: