In 2016, the world’s water sports Championship started in Hebei Province, China’s motorcycle racing -tonya mitchell

The 2016 World Championships start China Hebei water motor motorboat team of the world – Beijing new network in Shanghai in September 22, (Miu Lu) the Bund holding the 2016 World Championship Grand Prix of Shanghai water motor and National Cup World powerboat contest 22 in Shanghai Nanhui Xincheng drop water lake kicked off, vice mayor of Shanghai city Zhao Wen attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening contest. Zhao Wen said that the world’s top ski events in Shanghai, shows that the Chinese sustainable development of water sports, integration of the world’s top events is determined, and the Shanghai municipal government to pay high attention to the event, also has important guiding significance for the future more water sports events landed in Shanghai. The FIM committee chairman of the committee to promote the NYCLU? Di?? Gillman Nobel, party secretary, director of the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau Huang Yongping, Pudong New Area District standing committee, CMC harbor party secretary, deputy director Chen Jie, the Bund Holding Group Chairman Xin Jie? Representatives together to the opening ceremony. The world water motorcycle championship and the national cup world motorcycle race is a high-tech, strong competition and challenge in the international class a event. The competition on September 21st -25 in Pudong Nanhui city held water lake, a total of more than 200 contestants from Australia, Germany, Russia, China, Malaysia and other more than and 20 countries in the fierce competition. After the opening ceremony, after two rounds of national cup competitions exciting competition, ultimately, the Russian team won the "the Bund world cup holding" 2016 national motorboat competition Shanghai port station trophy, the American team won the runner up, in the United Arab Emirates team won the championship in the match yesterday, won the tournament runner up. The Shanghai Grand Prix will be held tomorrow, the event will last until September 25th, covering three levels of competition: GP1, &, amp, women’s vertical and. This is the 2016 race of the world championship in the world of the motor boats, the eighth stop. Since the first introduction of the world championships in the world of underwater motorboat, it has attracted many fans in 2009. With the success in the Chinese water Motorcycle World Championships held, hoping China motorboat by the athletes in international competitions in the competition, and constantly improve their own competitive level, so as to promote the continuous development of the cause of China motorboat. (end)相关的主题文章: