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I did not expect the Haikou part of the mall parking fees in the annual income of millions of State Parkway on the city parking system parking the car to go out, not free, parking fees into fixed expenses of Haikou car owners. However, so many owners did not think that this 3 yuan, $5 seemingly humble parking fees, but can make some parking lot into millions of dollars. "If all Haikou mall parking fees, annual income is likely to exceed 30 million yuan." Insiders said that behind the silent contribution, is the 610 thousand Haikou motor vehicle owners. However, the owners in Haikou with parking fees at the same time, but also for the parking of distress, especially on holidays, major shopping district in the parking lot often appear a hard to find a situation. In this regard, the reporter visited a number of parking lot, China World Trade Center District, West Hing, haixiu Liberation Road, Haidian island Haikou, created a simple parking Raiders, hoping to bring some convenience to the owners. Some shopping malls to attract customers a hard to find parking, parking fees become a profitable business reporter survey found the new mall parking lot, supporting large shopping center, generally have hundreds of parking spaces, open parking mode, the income is considerable, but allocated to each owner head, does not is too much. According to statistics, in 2015 Haikou city vehicle fleet is 610 thousand, the average has 0.6 passenger cars, at a high level in the same city in china. To 610 thousand private cars, the average annual fee of a private car in the mall to pay parking fees of $49, the figure for the more public entertainment, may be less than a month parking fees. August 22nd morning, the reporter is located in the city of Hainan, China World Trade Center Yixin underground parking lot to see, although it is a working day, but here has parked hundreds of cars. "Usually there may be free parking, a weekend or holiday, will face a" hard "situation." Hainan Yixin business management company responsible person, although the mall has more than and 700 parking spaces, but often in short supply. The same situation also appears in the Haidian island of Peng Hui square, the square ground and underground parking lot two, up to more than 1 thousand and 400 parking spaces, but still can not meet the demand for parking holidays. "Our parking fee is low, but also can receive a parking ticket in supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment venues, so often full." Director of the office of the shopping mall. The liberation of West Palm Commercial Plaza, even non holidays, parking is very tight. There are 258 parking spaces, but can not meet the parking needs." Said the manager of the Plaza Property Management department. In addition, the reporter also learned from another mall in recent years, due to the flow of guests steady growth during the holidays, parking spaces are also in demand. People come to dinner to see movies, parking is generally more than 3-4 hours." The mall official said the parking lot a year parking fees of about a few million dollars, has become a new profit mall business. Reporters visited learned that most of the city of Haikou parking fee of 5 yuan per hour, with the growth of parking time.相关的主题文章: