Hurry up! Jiaxing police destroyed more than illegal guns sword crossbow-winsockfix

Hurry up! Jiaxing police focus on the destruction of illegal firearms 6000 knife crossbow on November 2nd afternoon, in the South Lake District of Fengzhen New Oriental Steel Company furnace workshop, all kinds of Jiaxing City Public Security Bureau seized in recent years involving firearms and explosives and dangerous goods were destroyed. It is understood that the destruction of dangerous goods on the day, including imitation military guns, shotguns, gunpowder guns, air guns and other types of firearms 66, control props 6837, crossbow 4. Before the arrival of the scene, the reporter and many people are curious, every year the police seized firearms, knives, where have gone? Seeing this scene, I really opened my eyes. Originally, after the site to check the inventory, all guns and knives will be in the police "escort", was put into the high temperature furnace, high temperature up to 1600 degrees around the moment will be translated into molten steel. "Centralized destruction" to eliminate hidden dangers related to guns and explosives." Detachment of the public security police Fang Qin said, every year the police will investigate the case involving the daily gun and the masses seized explosives items to be unified destroyed, this is the police carry firearms rule explosion work achievements, also as a deterrent to criminal behavior. According to China’s law, any unit or individual shall not violate the provisions of the law, holding manufacturing (including altering, assembly), transportation, sale, lease or lend the guns. "A person must not hold a gun!" In the face of the young people like shooting, Party Qinming also gives pertinent advice, he said, such as the thought of shooting addiction, recommended to the qualified business places shooting! At the same time, he also reminded by the control of the tool life of the general public, such as kitchen knives and knife, bus stations, train stations and other public places, do not carry to the researchers gathered once found, will be subject to administrative punishment.

快人心!嘉兴警方集中销毁六千余非法枪支刀弩 11月2日下午,在嘉兴南湖区新丰镇东方特钢公司的熔炉车间里,嘉兴市公安局对近年来收缴的各类涉枪涉爆危险物品进行了集中销毁。据了解,当天销毁的危险物品包括仿军用枪、猎枪、火药枪、气枪等各式枪支66支、管制道具6837把,弩4支。抵达现场前,记者和许多人一样好奇,每年警方收缴的枪支刀具究竟都去哪儿了?看到这一幕,着实开了眼界。原来,经过现场核对清点后,所有枪支和管制刀具都将在民警的“全程护送”下,被投入高温熔炉内,高达1600℃左右的炉温瞬间便将其化为钢水。“集中销毁,消除涉枪涉爆安全隐患。”治安支队民警方勤明说,每年警方都会将日常案件查处缴获及群众上交的涉枪涉爆物品予以统一销毁,这既是公安开展缉枪治爆工作的成果体现,也能对违法犯罪行为起到震慑作用。根据我国法律,任何单位或者个人不得违反法律规定持有、制造(包括变造、装配)、买卖、运输、出租、出借枪支。“个人决不能持有枪支!”面对喜爱射击的年轻市民,方勤明也给出中肯建议,他说,如想过把射击瘾,建议到具有资质的营业性射击场所!同时,他也提醒广大市民生活用管制刀具,譬如厨房用刀及水果刀等,切勿随身携带至人员聚集的汽车站、火车站等公共场所,一旦发现,将会受到行政处罚。相关的主题文章: