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Hunting network about cars, policy driven Chinese type die original title: hunting network about cars, policy driven by Chinese type die author: Song Zhibiao source: public "news review" in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen in October the 8th the same day, the network has released about the car management rules of the draft, omit the part boast without shame substantive provisions, embodied in the three limit: limit the driver (the residence in the city or the residence permit), vehicle (car within one or two years, the displacement in 1.8 or 2, the wheelbase commander is B car (the city), restricted license plate). North and south of the four cities launched the draft with the same day to test the water, can be regarded as the promise of these four cities in advance of the agreed action. This is a kind of "help", made about the level of local network car policy configuration, to offset the draft form uniform for comparison and the pressure. The four Committee of the control network about cars of the same breath and branches, into accepting. At this stage, although the draft is in the name, but its smart decision process, and through the central and local work skills, network about cars and policy barriers basically completed, car sharing network about business and political economy affects the game has been a winner. The local taxi commission to pay interest group on behalf of the company and other new technology enterprises by victory. The success of this event hunting network about cars, this has formed many kinds of meanings of the watershed. The policy point of view, reflects the central place in the specific interests of the increasingly deep cracks; the State Council, appeared advocated by the new economic policy at the local level is gradually digestion of the sniper, suffered from the angle of reality; technology revolution, network about the car market was born, fail to plan. In the network about cars fighting quickly gezonglianheng transportation, nature is the winner. They are experienced taxi drivers protesting exploitation of the crisis, successfully forced the car about "external war" to eliminate the internal unrest, and clever use of taxi foolish fear, through policy initiative, both inside and outside to quell the crisis, to consolidate the vested interest. The net about the car out of the car from the home court throughout the network about policy, public opinion was hailed as the representative of the new economy, to share the economic items by the prime minister to absorb, network about cars and a series of protest committee, until the policy department prevailed, and step Chinese exit, the Ministry of transportation arrangements as white gloves in the framework of the implementation of policies in place of the default decisive arrangement, the whole process is about China type car network history of death. At the beginning of this history, with new power network about cars turned out, but quickly suppressed. The whole purpose of the suppression of the net car is to drive it into the policy area. And this is the transportation network about the car once in the home court, this policy pocket, basically only to extortion. The committee did, with his weapons policy about car network. The network about the car came out, the biggest impact is the first time the taxi driver, taxi drivers are stuck in pay less money in the fantasy. The network about the car. Business is significant, the taxi driver immediately into a larger crisis set: by the company is to make money or less exploitation, Wei相关的主题文章: