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Huang: Internet Financial stigma four types of author Huang Zhen senior research fellow in the Department of Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance, a member of the National Committee of experts on the Internet financial security technology. The Internet Financial was sacred in Chinese, from the beginning of 2013 a stride forward singing militant songs. Three years after the outbreak of the Internet financial risk, and in fast stigma. Whether it is sacred or stigmatized, are the deviation of our collective cognition. We should rectify this, so that the return of the Internet to the normalization of financial development. The main problem is the Internet financial stigma. The so-called social stigma, generally refers to some individuals or groups of disparaging and insulting label. Essentially, it reflects a kind of "naming" power relation, which is a dynamic concept. From the stigma theory, we can examine the characteristics of some inferior social groups will have human processes in Internet banking on formation of various stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination of the label with a new perspective on some social groups and label the phenomenon of criticism, so as to clarify the understanding, make things return true, in order to contribute to the sustained and healthy development of Internet banking. The main types of Internet Financial stigmatized as a new thing in recent years, the Internet financial A new force suddenly rises., has been in constant change and innovation, fashion after another. On the one hand, the Internet is gradually deepening financial social life, and constantly promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s economic and social freedom, openness, has become a social consensus. On the other hand, due to regulatory lag and lack of self-discipline, not many real Internet financial services platform, with "financial innovation" coat as a cover for financial fraud or illegal fund-raising and other illegal activities. The Ministry of public security data show that the first quarter of 2016, involved in illegal fund-raising cases reached more than 2300, the amount of over a hundred million cases increased significantly; especially the "e rent treasure", "pan", "Shanghai Shen Tong greatly" and "Jin" and other serious cases in the near future to focus on the outbreak, leading to social questioned on the Internet Financial sound constantly, with the "three pseudo" (pseudo platform, pseudo experts, pseudo Association) popular, often publish some irresponsible remarks, causing widespread exist some not mature and rational attitude, a lot of people from three years ago to avoid the rush into late now the Internet, financial being quickly demonized and stigmatized. At present, the main types and forms of Internet Financial Innovation: 1, the stigma of failure on the one-year Internet financial risk special rectification work has been included in Beijing in full swing, many small platform has become a fact of being eliminated. Ying Chan jointly issued a consultation, the net loan home "P2P net loan industry in the first half of the 2016 annual report" shows that the first half of this year the total time decrease of 246 normal operating platform, the expected number of normal operating platform will still fall further. Barbaric growth of the net loan industry will usher in the stock out phase. For such cases, it was asserted that Internet financial innovation has failed. In fact, everything has its life cycle相关的主题文章: