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You take a walk down a crowded and busy sidewalk and you cannot help but to notice that there are many, many amazing looking women around you. You want more than anything to be able to walk up to one of them, just one of them and be able to comfortably start up a conversation. Whether things click well enough that you get a date with her, that does not matter so much right now, as long as you are just able to get the conversation started. Then it happens just like it always does. The minute you think that you are all ready to approach the next woman you see… you choke up. It makes you feel like you may never be able to get past the anxiety of approaching a woman you do not know. You immediately start to hate yourself for chickening out of it, like you always do. The more you think about it, the worse it makes you feel. Forget about rebounding back from that and walking up to the next woman. You are ready to go home, alone like you always are. What if you had the skills to be able to approach women who were total strangers to you and start up a conversation? Here are 10 tips on how to talk to women and start conversations with total strangers: 1. Make eye contact and nod your head and then just say, "Hey." There is nothing fancy about this one, except for the fact that it is simple and it works. What’s the worse that can happen? She walks by and acts like she does not hear you and that’s about it. The best is, she just might stop and say hello back and then you will be ready to start a conversation with her. 2. Ask her for directions, who cares if you really need them! This works when you want to start a conversation with a woman and you really draw nothing but blanks on what to say to her. Asking for directions is a safe way to break the ice and get some kind of banter back and forth with her. Unless she is a cold hearted chick, she’ll probably give you at least some kind of a reply. 3. Compliment her outfit and pick out something non sexual. You don’t want to be yet another guy who tells her that she looks hot in her short skirt or that her boobs look awesome in her low cut top. Pick out something she is wearing that is non sexual and use that to compliment her with it. Most women will at least be flattered, feel the need to say, "thank you," and some will want to stop and talk for a bit. 4. Do a casual and subtle "bump" and excuse me. This is something that works as long as it does not seem contrived, even though it is. Just a little bit of a bump when you walk by her or near her gives you a reason to at least say, "excuse me" and you can always use something that simple to open a conversation with a woman. 5. Ask her what kind of cell phone she is using. So many women walk out on the streets with their cell phone firmly in hand, texting away or just holding on to it, and this gives you something to talk about. Take a quick glance and ask her what kind of cell phone it is, even if you already know. It may be cheesy, but it opens things up. 6. Ask her what she is eating and where she got it. Near where I live, there are many outdoor cafes and there are always women out eating their lunches or their mid afternoon snacks, and if you are walking by, then you have a reason to ask her what she is having. Mention that it looks yummy or something like that. I’ve done this before and it has worked well enough where I have been invited to sit down with her and even have a bite of my own. 7. Act as if she is someone you know and then act surprised when you realize she is not. Okay, this may be another cheesy one to use, and it is certainly not for everybody. If you have nothing else, this may work. All you have to do is to approach a woman (it works better if from behind), and act as if she is another woman that you know and then act startled when you find out it’s not. At least it can get the conversation started and I do have a friend that uses this move successfully quite a bit. 8. Comment on the weather. I’d almost never use the weather to start a conversation with a woman, but sometimes, it’s the only thing you got. Especially if you can see that the weather is affecting her. For example, you spot her tightening up her coat like she is chilly and you use that to mention something about it being chilly. Anything goes if you want the conversation to flow, right? 9. Bring a dog with you. Have a dog or know someone that does who would love for you to take it for a walk? A lot of women love dogs, so much so, they will stop to pet your dog (no pun intended) and that’s always a good time to get a real conversation started. It might be a little bit "planned out," but that never hurt anyone, did it? 10. Be straight forward and tell her you think she is pretty. Sometimes the obvious stuff works. Let’s say that you walk by a woman and you think she really is absolutely stunning. Why not just flat out tell her. I can guarantee that she will respond, even if all she says is a generic thank you. More than likely though, if you really sound genuine, she will do more than just say thank you. She will at least give you a couple of minutes of chit chat. It might be hard to approach women who are total strangers, and no guy is a born expert on how to talk to women. You do have to make some attempt to converse with the opposite sex and give yourself some real evidence of what works and what does not. From there, you can make your improvements and in time, you will be one of those guys who naturally knows how to talk to women. 相关的主题文章: