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How to: high-quality medical resources under the grass-roots hospital managed small hospital effect – Beijing for a long time, grassroots medical institutions of a large hospital, but hard to find a deserted house. How to promote the orderly settlement of high-quality medical resources, to become a key to solve the problem of grassroots medical treatment. Hang brand – a large hospital hosting a small hospital 28 year old Wang Jing is a large hospital care beneficiaries of small hospitals. In February this year, she was born in Hubei, Honghu people’s hospital after the birth of a child, the symptoms of pulmonary embolism, fainting, breathing difficulties, heart failure…… The situation is extremely critical. Pulmonary embolism, if not timely rescue mortality rate of up to 90%, Honghu medical conditions can not be completed alone in patients with treatment." Hu Yu, vice president of Wuhan Union Hospital, received the Honghu City People’s Hospital for emergency, Wuhan Union Hospital immediately opened Easy Access Wang Jing to Wuhan. Union hospital after 16 days of multidisciplinary treatment, Wang Jing entered a stable period, and then returned to Honghu to receive follow-up treatment. Since July last year, the implementation of a comprehensive hosting of Honghu City People’s Hospital, Wuhan Union Hospital regularly sent experts through the clinic, lectures, teaching and other forms of transfer of new medical technology, new knowledge, new ideas, let the masses a Honghu doctor will be able to enjoy the big provincial hospital service. The hospital managed small grass-roots hospital, Hubei province is an important measure of health care reform, aimed at high-quality medical resources sinking to the diffusion of medical resources is the weak area, let the masses enjoy quality medical services. Strong child — the title first "service grassroots doctors to basic services, not only is of great help to the local medical institutions, while the doctor’s own exercise is very big." People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, attending physician Wang Eyou, thanks to two consecutive years to support the five peak county hospital experience, in July last year, was promoted to deputy chief physician. Sink to promote outstanding medical and health personnel in Hubei Province in 2014, the introduction of the policy, the provisions of the city (state) medical and health institutions at or above the level of government and large enterprises and medical institutions doctor, promotion physician or associate chief physician titles, should have to work in the county and township grass-roots medical institutions accumulated more than 1 years of experience. At present, many countries have introduced a similar policy. Medical talent sink grassroots, both blood transfusion and hematopoietic". In the people’s Hospital of Hubei province Tuanfeng County, from the General Hospital of PLA Wuhan targeted aid training, help the health care team, to enhance the level of diagnosis and treatment. The General Hospital of PLA, Wuhan Tuanfeng according to the masses are prone to disease, the medical team sent an expert, every half went to the county people’s Hospital of Tuanfeng a technical Bangdai, also receive free medical care personnel Tuanfeng county to Wuhan training, enhance their development potential. On the chain — using the Internet to send medicines to the countryside in the small hospitals, personnel managed the sinking grassroots, Hubei also through the Internet to send medicine to the countryside, many big hospitals in Concord, Tongji, are people’s grassroots carry out remote medical services, patients in the primary hospital experts can through the network after the provincial capital. Not only that, patients can not even go to the hospital, at home can be相关的主题文章: