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How long will it take to drink tea? Eat and drink tea – soaking time Sohu, like cook about the heat, seemingly justified, the actual practice is absolutely the myriads of changes. First, hold the pot (tea people) to learn the time, can’t always depend on the number of seconds timer, heart to learn a skill, seemingly insignificant, but the basic skills in many industries. Learn to count seconds and two additional benefits, a sense of time is enhanced, good time management, even late reduced (laughing for a while)! In addition, the number of seconds the heart can help people attention, it is easier to concentrate the brain! Next, we want to confirm what is called immersion time, literally, is the main global device with water cover cover (glass except) began to start the calculation, the time interval between the soup. But also consider two issues, one is to hold the pot of water injection speed, and the two is the main bubble, especially the teapot spout allowed water speed. Some green tea, into the water injection stop, potentially prolong the soaking time of tea, some very fine spout or bend, water is very slow, after the tea were thicker than the first. Meet these two conditions, we must properly adjust the established soaking time. So, in the end how long a tea bubble as well? Many beginners hope that a word to solve all the problems, but this is a very practical problem is really a two sentence is not clear. Generally speaking, in the tea and water ratio in 1:15 ~ 1:30, conventional tea (regardless of tea) tea soak time is not more than 1 minutes, compared with shades of tea taste. If the tea is relatively small, such as 1:100, to soak 3-5 minutes. In other words, the tea is inversely proportional to the immersion time. But there are also low limit and high limit, that is: tea too little, no matter how prolonged soaking time, tea is not good to drink; and put too much tea, tea is also not easy to drink bubble. So, this thing really is tea, embodies the aesthetic China culture: beauty, best fit. (from the teacher say more about tea) tea brewing and drinking collection and storage, South Beauty Tea tea please micro number: (long press copy) the exchange of learning. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea secret – Iceland tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? (with no front case) spent millions of dollars to buy the old class fake tea, even convinced is really concerned about Dong? Said tea public number: dyshuocha reading above, click on the lower right corner you can free [subscription] Dong said that tea?相关的主题文章: