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UnCategorized Would you like to be alerted if a car comes up in your driveway, your kids to inside your tool shed, intruders approach your front or backyard, someone enters your garage, visitors approaching your front door, your parked boat or motor home as been invaded or your pets trample your flower garden? A Voice Alert Security system would solve all those issues in no time. Protecting your home should be your primary focus especially with rampant crime rising every day. You have to work so hard to buy your home and the things that you conveniently purchase because you like them and want to enjoy them. There comes a thief who wants to invade your privacy and commit the crime that is unthinkable. How do you stop them? A home security system of any kind can help you to do just that. Gone are the days when you have to sign up with a home security system company and pay a monthly monitoring fee for the rest of your life. If your budget is tight, there are other different options available. You can get the Mini Alert Alarm that uses passive infrared technology to protect a room from intruders. Producing an infrared triangle, the Mini Alert creates an unseen barrier that is impossible to penetrate without setting off the alarm. It is battery operated and no wiring and can be easily moved to a new location. The Mace Window Alert is a 95 decibel glass breakage alarm that attaches to windows and set off by vibrations if someone tries to break through. It installs easily on any window. The Magnetic Door/ Window Alarm uses a magnetic affinity to initiate its 110 decibel siren. The base of the alarm is bolted to door or window frame, and the actuator is connected to the window or door. The alarm is activated by opening the door or window. It will scare your intruder away. The Mace Motion Alert is a passive infrared system that detects motion in any selected area. Compact and attractive, it mounts easily (vertically or horizontally) near any entry area and is battery operated, eliminating any need for wiring. Unit can be coded with a personal security code and can be set to utilize a two-tone entry chime, instead of the alarm sound. Do you know that you can make your intruder think there is a live dog in your living room? The Electronic barking dog home security alarm system does the trick. With his electronic radar eyes, the Electronic Watch Dog can see through thick doors, walls and glass. And once his cord is plugged in, he will stay on duty around the clock, indefinitely. The Electronic Watch Dog can protect homes, apartments, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, jewelry stores, hotels, factories, warehouses, public and private buildings of virtually every kind. If you have a pool in your backyard, you can add a pool alarm system. It acts as an alarm system to notify you if your child or pet has fallen into the pool. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: