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Home appliances truth lab: how to become a TV show? – home appliances – People’s original title: home appliances truth lab: how to become a TV show? Family entertainment of one family happy sitting in the living room, watching TV and spend leisure time is about 80, 90 common childhood memories. After several decades, not only the TV has made great progress, TV programs have become increasingly diverse. However, the number of people watching TV seems to be getting less and less. In the information age, smart TV has become a standard TV function, consumers can not only see the TV, you can also see more of the content of the network. But many people have said that he did not open the TV for a long time. As the industry, this is of course we do not want to see, but that really true? TV really out of the past "desire"? "Huo Yuanjia" turned out brilliant may not be copied, but the TV really from the home appliance furniture has become? In view of this, we carried out for ordinary users a related investigation. Analysis of a family entertainment, 1, TV operation rate decreased significantly, but still just need to in our survey, more than half (54.1%) of respondents said that television is no longer the preferred form of entertainment in their own homes, but compared to the mobile phone, computer and other forms of entertainment, television is still in the home has played a major role. In the crowd who do not watch TV, there are still 67.9% of people choose to occasionally watch TV as a pastime. 2, mobile phone TV become the main substitute from the survey that 73.6% of the people choose often watch TV mobile phone as the main form of entertainment, accounting for more than 2/3, followed by computer, tablet, the three is the survey respondents only form of entertainment. User behavior analysis, user behavior analysis two, 1 quit the mobile Internet TV is gradually changing people’s lives, watch the form of television for many users now have become obsolete. It is the main reason that most users choose not to watch TV because it is not rich in resources, the way of playing is not flexible, and the operation is inconvenient. In addition, the fast pace of life in modern society has forced many people to give up watching TV, in the survey, 39.6% of respondents said that because there is no time to watch tv. In contrast, the problem of cable charges is not so important, only 17% of people think it is a greater resistance. 2, users watch the program type in the user affected by the traditions and customs watch the top three content market before three, through the cable set-top box to watch TV programs is still the preferred form of TV audience (52.6%), but with a video platform for smart TV and set-top box has also been recognized by the user, and in a gray area the video app, a total of 42.1% of the television audience to watch the program online. Another 5.3% of users choose to download TV viewing, which should be a loyal audience overseas drama. News programs follow)相关的主题文章: