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Hilary lost, Perry and accompany ran, Taylor is also called Abstract] in this make all Americans an unforgettable night, many people (including me) a problem are very curious: Taylor to vote for who? Tencent (the Chen Silang entertainment Zhuangao) you may feel that there is no clue, you might think that all this can not be established, you may be tempted to ask why…… Oh, I’m talking about the headline, not the result of yesterday’s election. However, in this make all Americans an unforgettable night, in this full of drama’s campaign to temporarily end of the night, in the election to stay up to watch the commuters suddenly thought of second days and nights of work, a lot of people (including myself) are very good for a singular problem is: Taylor had voted for who? Taylor in yesterday’s election on the only one related to the presidential election of the photos you heard right, is the "Bad Blood", sung in the past half year and two men of God to break up taylor. Yesterday, in the entire presidential election process is completely not expressed her position on Instagram, suddenly made himself a line to vote photos, and called on everyone to go and vote. "Yes, she finally realized that there is such a thing in the presidential election. However, since the results are out, the mildew that vote is also important? Of course, there’s no egg. So let’s take a step back, in the United States, a star table does not mean that their political position is so important? Maybe it doesn’t matter, perhaps more than you think is important, but the situation is a little special, because the American mainstream music (and the entertainment) most are overwhelmingly support Hilary (the reason not to say, the United States and entertainment practitioners to young people and consumers has always been left). Beyonce and Jay Z couple for two days Hilary before the site has yet to open the endorsement of Beyoncé Jay and Z are in the final sprint stage for the Hilary platform, Madonna organized a small concert in support of Hilary, Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi together to speak in support of Hilary’s rally, Miley Cyrus before going to university dormitories for students for Hilary, even don’t have the right to vote and Rihanna Adele have publicly supported Hilary. Of course, there is almost from the beginning of the election announced that she did not stop singing "Roar" Katy Perry (later will be referred to her). In contrast, the whole year is enjoying the holidays and the love of mildew, quiet a bit unusual. In the special period of the press for the state of extreme nervousness., how can American media to let such a pair of big legs, oh no, such a good story? Love Taylor has always been high-profile interestingly, everybody impression of Taylor, but dare to love and hate, dare to say, never hesitate to share "(and often share a new era of girl head) – lyrics make a brief history of love, show love to the whole world to pull the paparazzi tracking. I think that New York luxury high-profile import and the address is what attractions, even;相关的主题文章: