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A high-speed traffic police on duty day walk 40 thousand steps maxed circle of friends compared to walk 30 kilometers now many people see the mobile phone may do two things, one is the brush circle of friends, there is a brush step number ranking, if you are not moving Master, a day do you take? The more than 40 thousand step, do you believe it? 5, due to heavy fog, and high return traffic, Huaian high-speed Traffic Police Detachment Battalion Wu Haijun from 1 pm to 8:30 in the morning, high-speed duty to a total of 43891 steps away, this figure is the WeChat friends screenshots, forwarding, immediately maxed circle of friends, but his teammates, walk the day the number of at least more than 20 thousand. Yangzi Evening News correspondent Zhang Jun media reporter Zhu Dingzhao he took more than 40 thousand steps, "occupation" WeChat sports cover "is usually on duty every day, about 10 thousand steps, 5 evening at his WeChat, found that 43891 steps, really surprised her," on the 6 day afternoon, in the Huaian section of Beijing Shanghai expressway that is the road patrol Wu Haijun told reporters that 5 evening back home, in fact, very tired, in the face of the family prepared dishes, no appetite, most want to do is sleep. According to Wu Haijun introduction, 5, the same day, affected by the fog, from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m., the Beijing Shanghai high-speed Huaian section closed. "At this time is the busiest time for our high-speed traffic police," Wu Haijun told reporters, because they have three entrances and exits, the two hub, the service area, so he led his teammates to act in groups. In the service area, he would walk down and guide the orderly parked vehicle, at the entrance, to walk on vehicle traffic, remind passengers travel after the fog, publicity and explanation of some drivers do not understand, but most drivers can understand them, some drivers see he hurried pace, also handed the initiative of mineral water to him, see the sweat on his face, and handed the initiative to paper towels, occupants using a mobile phone camera. "Dude, how did you walk so much today?" Reporters in Wu Haijun’s circle of friends to see WeChat, and some even do not believe micro friends. Micro friends know that he is because the battle on the high speed, in the understanding of their hard work, but also pray for the next day there is no longer high speed fog, so that Wu Haijun and his teammates can rest a little longer. The emergency Lane occupied, carrying patients to export high-speed reporters learned that the Beijing Shanghai high-speed two-way four lane is in peacetime, traffic is large, especially large trucks more, while Wu Haijun’s brigade area is 80 km one-way. "The day is the worst affected by the weather, we all mess dress, Wu Haijun told reporters, on the morning of the high-speed, wearing a coat, but a lap to go down, inside the shirt all wet, morning, noon to wear long sleeved, wear short sleeved coat, the night to stay at 8 in the morning, the high speed of release, the backlog in the original the vehicle swarmed the entrance of the high-speed road traffic, which gave the add pressure to constantly patrol car, when the fault, vehicle collision accidents, he had to get off and walk, to guide the evacuation of vehicles. Until 8:30 in the evening, when the road traffic is stable, he went home to rest. In Wu Haijun himself.相关的主题文章: