High school boys 10 years to participate in the training of excellent disciplines are the top 19 bri-meyou

A boy 10 years participated in the 19 Pew Pew subjects are astepping-stone to success the past "eleven", Liu aunt has a high son and a dozen friends to play together about junior middle school time, and ultimately failed to make the trip. Each of them was too busy with training to find a half day that everyone could not cultivate. "Training and excellent into the deep sea, from the wallet does not stop." Aunt Liu said, from kindergarten began sending her son at the Pew pew, has been a full 10 years, count has trained painting, roller skating, skateboarding, table tennis, Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, piano, guitar, basketball, soccer, robot, micro film, memory training, mind maps, computer programming, a total of 19 pictures landscaping. Draw "defeat" to the mathematics and English, piano at home idle from kindergarten, Liu aunt let his son a week to learn a painting. Primary school grade two summer vacation, also spent ten thousand yuan to participate in the organization’s sketch travel. The primary school is grade one or two, to enhance the son’s physique, skateboard and skating classes are taught, but not as refined will. Primary school grade four, when his son vision, I heard that playing table tennis can prevent myopia, Liu aunt hastened to give him a report in the youth palace. Played a year, did not prevent the son of myopia increased, coupled with his son never liked to play table tennis, but also stopped. In order to be a good junior high school, grade five, Liu aunt began to send his son to participate in mathematics, English training. Training more than the feeling that his son is too hard, five grades at the end of the next semester Liu aunt put his son’s painting class to stop. Aunt Liu found that the painting is persisted for 6 years, a Pew now or the son of the longest. Five grade, the son proposed to learn the piano, Liu aunt special support, the family spent ten thousand yuan to buy a piano. Son of the piano in less than a year, is about to test six, then it can be promoted to the sixth grade, math and English training lesson, excellent training work, not his son at home practice time that piano teacher felt the child the effort is not enough, but most test level six, recommended. Since then, the piano has been placed in the living room idle. At the same time had three institutions with mathematics, and learn micro film stopped drawing off the piano, Liu aunt let son obsessed with excellent training in math and english. The first week only in a gifted institutions on a section of mathematics, excellent teacher after the proposed A class B class set on, so one is 4 hours. In mathematics the pew, the game inevitably in once a year, such as China Cup, innovation, etc., new nova, heard in these games can get the first prize, 71 second knock on the door at. Six grade last semester, the son was trained at the same time, the best training institutions in the three mathematics, each requires two classes at the same time, so a week of mathematical training is excellent for 12 hours. 3 English is a week Peiyou, one on one plus two lectures. Primary school graduation, the first son of multiple mathematical cup and English game successfully knocked a well-known middle door. That summer, micro film normalizing, Aunt Liu spent 7000 yuan to his son at a summer camp at the same time, the micro film, let him learn to relax learning outside the east he相关的主题文章: