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"High price fish" consumers adhere to see their own consumption weight is 10 jin 4 two – new network in Nanjing, February, 19 (Tang Juan Sun Quan) in the focus of public opinion of Harbin "high price fish" incident, the party Chen Yan 19 in Changzhou to accept the interview with the China News Network reporter. Chen Yan, tired and haggard, has been in the face of the media after he has eluded reporters for several days. But he said, "this is the last interview.". 18 evening 19 Xu, Harbin investigation team arrived in Jiangsu, Changzhou and Chen Yan contact, the two sides have been talking about 21 o’clock that night. Chen Yan said that Harbin promised to give him a fair and impartial response to the investigation, and apologized for the inconvenience caused by the incident. In the discussion of core problem issues when the weight of fish, Chen Yan insisted that he saw 10 pounds 4, two is "a pedestrian consumption weight". He disclosed that the Heilongjiang tour guide has apologized to him after the incident, proposed to take out money to compensate Chen Yan. But he believes that the whole thing is not solved by individual compensation, and that the matter itself is problematic. He said that it was inappropriate for me to say that I was drunk. "Things go to this step now, I hope Harbin restore truth."." He didn’t make any comment on whether the tour guide or the driver took kickbacks in the process. He said that although the matter is with the shop disputes, but can not affect the tourism industry in Harbin, can not affect the Harbin tour guide. Chen Yan told reporters, 14, all parties said he lost contact, in fact, the day he was flying from Harbin to return to Changzhou. On the 15 day, he found that he was blaming him on the Internet, and he came to the media to clarify it. 15, Chen Yan in an interview with new China Network reporter, issued relevant evidence to prove that the Harbin Songbei special investigation team for the first time "astronomical fish" survey is not true. The event reversed again, and Chen Yan was also blocked by media reporters. Chen Yan was unable to withstand the disturbance and chose to lose contact with each other". Chen Yan said, because the quiet life is broken, so that he can not go to work, have to go out to avoid the limelight. 19, Harbin investigation team arrived in Changzhou, he was back from Shanghai. But he still said: "in the future encounter such bad business, bad behavior, he will stand out, to avoid more people damage."". (end)

“天价鱼”消费者坚持亲眼看到消费重量是10斤4两-中新网   中新网南京2月19日电 (唐娟 孙权)处于多日舆情焦点的哈尔滨“天价鱼”事件当事人陈岩19日在常州接受了中新网记者采访。略显疲惫憔悴的陈岩在躲过多日记者的追踪后,终于面对媒体。但他表示:这是最后一次接受采访。   18日晚19时许,哈尔滨调查组赶到江苏常州与陈岩取得联系,双方一直谈到当晚21时许。陈岩说,哈尔滨方面承诺,会给他一个公正公平的调查回复,并对此事给他带来的种种不便表示道歉。   在讨论事件的核心问题鳇鱼重量问题时,陈岩坚持说,自己亲眼看见,他们一行人消费的重量是“10斤4两”。   他透露说,黑龙江方面导游在事发后一直向其道歉,提出要拿出钱来补偿陈岩。但他认为,整个事件不是个人出钱赔偿就能解决的,这件事本身有问题的。   他说,外界说我醉酒闹事是不妥当的。“事情发展到现在这一步,希望哈尔滨方面还原真相。”   对导游、司机是否在过程中拿回扣一事,他不做任何评价。   他表示,此事虽然是与店方的纠纷,但不能影响到哈尔滨整个旅游业,不能影响到哈尔滨的导游。   陈岩告诉记者,14日,各方都说他失联,事实上,当天他正从哈尔滨乘飞机返回常州。15日,发现网上一面倒的指责他,他才主动现身媒体予以澄清。   15日,陈岩在接受中新网记者采访时,出具相关证据证明哈尔滨松北区专项调查小组的首次“天价鱼”调查不属实。事件再次出现反转,陈岩也被各路媒体记者围堵。陈岩不堪其扰,选择“失联”。   陈岩说,因为平静生活被打破,以至于他都不能正常上班,只好去外地避避风头。19日,哈尔滨调查组赶到常州,他才从上海赶回。不过他仍表示:“今后遇到这种不良商家、不良行为,他还会站出来,避免更多人受损”。(完)相关的主题文章: