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Hiding in the depths of the Quanzhou romantic windmill Island – Sohu tourism which is a natural female Hui customs and culture of the town, which is away from the noise of the sea ", this is the Quanzhou land land of idyllic beauty" the east place, where you can see the first sunshine in Quanzhou, this is Quanzhou famous fishing port, here is Huian small at first glance! At the small town also known as the small town of [Xi? O million Zuò]; Huian is located in the east coast, East, South, West and north facing the sea, the net peak town seven Lake panhandle bordering the peninsula into terrain. The southern peninsula is a potential of Chongwu, forming a large harbor, looking east Taiwan strait. Ming Hongwu · Dongshan Weicheng, Southern Song Dynasty · Prime Minister Lee Wen will house sites etc.. Small three facing the sea, sub tropical maritime climate is obvious, pleasant weather, evergreen seasons, abundant rainfall, water pollution, plankton is very rich. Can the development and utilization of deep water, shallow water, aquaculture has more than one hundred thousand acres, generation to the sea for fishermen fishing, aquaculture, has accumulated rich experience in processing and rich labor advantage, so small? Become the first choice of the development of marine aquaculture. From Quanzhou central station by bus to the small car at 17 yuan a person, and then to the town by tricycle said to the windmill island one yuan, also need to climb the mountain on the sea scenery is also very good at Harbour! Small? Is rich in tourism resources, coastal features, reputation of Chinese and foreign Huidong women in traditional dress and unique folk customs at home and abroad to attract many tourists, is the movie "Widow Village" creation and shooting. Built in the Ming Hongwu years between Dongshan Weicheng, Southern Song Prime Minister Lee Wen will house, quiet and pleasant small forest and beautiful women? Small? Bay Beach has good prospects for tourism development. Hiding in the depths of the Quanzhou romantic windmill Island, blue sea, white windmill, and the golden beach on the coast and hardworking Huian female, but this is a beautiful picture, showing a not too many people know the "land of idyllic beauty". Driving route: about 48 km from the starting point: 1 starting point to the northeast of 4.7 kilometers along the X125 Road, turn right into the S1012. running 15.1 kilometers along the S101, go straight into the street along the street 3 centripetal centripetal travel 2 kilometers, go straight into the street along the street for 4 centripetal centripetal driving 2.3 km, go straight into the S1015. along S101 traveling 2.4 kilometers, front left turn into the G2166. running 7.2 kilometers along the G216, go straight into the cangfanggou road along the 7 cangfanggou road 3.9 km, go straight into the cangfanggou Road 8 cangfanggou road along the 3.8 km road, turn left into the green peak road 9 along Qingfeng road 2.9 km, turn left into the high mountain road 10 along the high mountain road 590 meters, turn right in front of 11 1.4 kilometers, arrived at the end point (on the left side of the road)相关的主题文章: